Soh do not cry. You got this far all by yourself. 
Just keep running. Train harder.

athlete ranked Asia’s top tower runner questioned minister’s support for a woman’s quest for RM4m to “conquer” world’s 30 tallest towers 

he only needed 2% of that amount (RM80,000) to represent Malaysia abroad

Soh Wai Ching, 25 ranked world’s fifth in the sport

participants race to sprint to the top of a tower

referring to Mat Sabu support for national solo runner Dr Suwaibah quest to “conquer” 30 tall structures in 14 nations.

Suwaibah needed US$1m (RM4m) to Conquer 30 World’s Tallest Towers
includes travel and accommodation.

Why support her? Is it because she had been in the army?” Soh asked

adding that he was more qualified in the sport

“Why not support athletes who represent the country like me?” he said.

Soh Wai Ching runs up a building during a competition abroad.

Bernama quoted Suwaibah saying she had received sponsorship for her tour

Soh dismissed RM4 million for such tours as “nonsensical”.

he said he only needed RM80,000 to participate in running competitions this year

“..she was able to get the defence minister’s support. That is not fair,” said Soh.

despite his winning streak, he has yet to get recognition as national athlete as promised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
efforts to meet minister Syed Saddiq did not materialise

My comments :  Soh, its like this. You are Chinese. Suwaibah is Malay. 

None of the Malay NGOs, civil society groups (so called) or sports associations are going to come to your support because, well, you are Chinese. 

Even the DAP will not come to your support because they do not want to be seen as ‘Chinese dominating’ the government.

So you are on your own.

I doubt  you will   “get recognition as national athlete as promised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports “.  

They might ask you to isi borang and then find some silly reason to kill your application. You will only get more disappointed.  Just leave them alone.  

Keep training harder and keep winning more tower races.

If it is any consolation at all – there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Malaysians (of all races) who are proud of your achievement.

Everyone knows what it is like to even climb up the stairs.  But you have won world class competitions and international recognition for running up the stairs in tall buildings.  You must be a little crazy but congratulations anyway.

Next time Soh, please wear a  T shirt with the Malaysian flag on it. Then take pictures, videos etc and post it via Facebook, Twitter etc.

Set up a Facebook page / Twitter and do live streaming when you next run up a tall building in New York or Shanghai or wherever.

We are with you Soh Wai Ching.