Bosssss…….. ku tak Malu!

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You have to appeal like anyone and everyone else to stay out of court!
You smiling, smirking pompous scarlet pimpernel !
Nothing will save your criminal  hideosity
You can slither and slide and offer
The apple of your innocence
On the littered paradise of this nation
Get this through your thick head
And also tell your dear brainless brawling, howling  offspring who is screaming her precious daddy’s virgin innocence,
That there are no virgins left among us
He screwed everyone, left, right and centre, inside out and upside down.
What does he expect?
She is crazy like a fool- what about it Daddy Cool? (Bonney M sang just for fools like you)
Your dear daddy likes this branding and imaging, let us help with the promotional material. Sing with the whole family in a karaoke lounge this:
Bossku-baffled on being loathed
Bossku-bankrupt of ideas
Bossku-barbarian of elegant silence
Bossku-barren idiot, bashful before bamboo garden
Bossku-battered with stupidity
Bossku-bemused that we are amused
Bossku-berserk with illusive innocence
Bossku-besieged by brimstone and hell
Bossku-bewildered on being unwanted
Bossku-bewitched by a witch
Bossku bickering over our success
Bossku-beggar in bitterness
Bossku-bizarre clown
Bossku-blasphemous bigot
Bossku-blatant pathological liar
Bossku-blind to prancing hippo
Bossku-bloated carcass of ego
Bossku-blockage in sewage brain
Bossku-blundering plunderer
Bossku-blurring reality and fantasy
Bossku-boastful in failure
Bossku-bogus man emasculated
Bossku-bonkers as crime minister
Bossku-brainless braggart
Bossku-bungling clumsy clod
Bossku-butcher of truth
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