Pakatan Harapan…you fuck with the wrong guys. The rakyat put you into Putrajaya. The rakyat can take you out of Putrajaya! It has been over six months now and we have got past waiting for things to happen. We are past giving you guys more time to learn. We are past you guys telling us that you are still doing this and doing that….and soon you PH guys will be past your “use by” date. Having PH Ministers making blunders after blunders is no longer cute. Having PH Ministers making fools of themselves is no longer acceptable. Ship up or ship out. And no, this is not a paid Umno article done by me to cari makan. This is me saying enough is enough. Too many Malaysians who voted for Pakatan Harapan in GE14, have had enough of a blundering, stumbling and bumbling Pakatan Harapan government that has still to get their act together not only to save Malaysia, but they do not even have a clue how to save themselves in the next General Election! 

Najib, Zahid and all those Umno guys are now telling themselves that the Pakatan Harapan government is on one term government. They now dare hope that the return of Umno to government is not an “if” but a “when”…and this is the worrying thing….Malaysians, in increasing numbers, think so too. 

As had happened many times in many general elections in the past, Barisan Nasional’s loses votes because the people who normally vote for BN would vote for others in order to protest the corruption and arrogance of BN in doing government. Be it the Malays,  Chinese or the other BN supporters, who they vote for may change, but they are still BN supporters. They are still Umno and MCA supporters who can be reined back by Umno and MCA to vote for them in the next general election. I have no doubt that given Pakatan Harapan mediocre performance so far in Putrajaya, the return of Umno is a real possibility.

The tide has turned much too soon against Pakatan Harapan. All Umno needs to do is to ride the wave as it smashes itself against Pakatan Harapan again and again and again. The Pakatan Harapan that is now in Putrajaya will not be able  to survive the relentless pounding of those waves. The Pakatan Harapan that is now in Putrajaya is too weak, too unorganized and without the political savvy and lack the political will to become the government we all want it to be. And increasingly, while he has led the way  to Pakatan Harapan electoral victory in GE 14, Tun at 93 cannot do much more. He is mentally and physically tired out by the demands of his office to be able to cope. He can lead but he cannot manage effectively the rigours of politics the Malaysian way. He needs a good Deputy. He needs an effective Cabinet. He needs those in Pakatan Harapan to do what he now cannot do : Make Malaysia great again! He has none of these.

And this is the worrying thing for Malaysia and Malaysians. Pakatan Harapan is running on empty.


It has nothing more to give, nothing much in reserve and can only promise more of the same type of government that we have seen since May 2018. What of the future then? What is the future for Pakatan Harapan? Anwar Ibrahim is the future of Pakatan Harapan! Really? Why are so many of us shaking our heads at the prospect of Anwar Ibrahim being the future of Pakatan Harapan? For many of us, anything or anybody out of PKR is bad news. Time and time again Pakatan Harapan has failed us miserably in anything it undertakes to do internally as a political party, or externally, when they are given the opportunity to show that their “cakap is serupa bikin”. Why is the incompetent Azizah still DPM? She is no longer Anwar’s seat warmer? She now has serious aspiration to be Tun Mahathir’s designated successor? Go read what I write sometime back, about PKR :  Rafizi Lies, DPM Lies and a PM in waiting Lies. What a formidable partnership. PKR lead by liars!

The next general election is still a few years away. There is still time for Pakatan Harapan to win it. We want Pakatan Harapan to win it. We bloggers and many Malaysians know what Pakatan Harapan will have to do and what it will have to be, in order to get Malaysians to vote for them again in GE15. We know that five years is time enough for Pakatan Harapan to show us what they can do in Government and for us to pass judgement on Pakatan Harapan  : Good or bad? Pass or Fail? Do we put them into opposition or retain them in government. We know. Does Pakatan Harapan know?