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4.45am Saturday 16th Feb 2019. 

I have been in and out of sleep these past few hours. Woke up to do two postings. One was the “AFFIDAVIT OF HAMID SULTAN BIN ABU BACKER” and the other “Emilia : Tiba-tiba suami saya telah menarik rambut saya dari bilik TV ke ruang tamu tingkat 1 dan kemudian menaiki tangga ke bilik tidur utama saya….”

The “Hamid Sultan” posting was no sweat…simply a cut and paste affair that I had done earlier…but still needed some fine tuning to be “user-friendly”. Emilia was not. Though there was no input required (at this point of time) from me for this particular posting, what concerned me was what this “Emilia” tale was unraveling. I would not want it to be a sordid “tell all” tale of a failed marriage of the rich and famous. There are enough of these genre of tales that is the fodder of Sunday Media expose that people can read over a leisurely Sunday breakfast. Sex and the shenanigans of people with so much money that makes them too horny, is par for the course for guys from Tiger Woods to those Lanuns down South.

Spouse abuse and litigations a plenty, thrown at an ex-wife to make her life hell, is not! Not one, not two…..not ten or twenty litigations by an ex husband against his ex wife.Try thirty, forty…..etc etc etc. That was the issue that sparked my interest in “Emilia”.

That, and an ex husband, who virtually controls a wide swathe of the local media by virtue of the massive advertising revenue he will, or will not, throw the way of these medias depending on whether they agree or disagree to his “request” to NOT mind his business in their business of telling the public the news. This meant that no “self respecting” media would want to lose any advertising revenue and so are quiet about the trials and tribulations of Emilia.

About a month back, I started to acquaint myself with the “facts” of the “Emilia” tale. So far all my “unraveling” has been from information available from court documents that are in the public domain…but as is usually the case in these matters….once the flood gates open….once there is a way for people to tell what they know of Emila and her ex-husband….it gets, to say the least, interesting. If only the walls of their house and the Red Sofa could talk. Talk they cannot….but there are ways and means to make them talk….and of you wait long enough, “good things” will come your way. So do follow this “Emila” tale, and, if you too. have a story to tell, pray tell me.

It is now 5.19am…..I must to sleep, at least for a few hours before Saturday starts for my household. We have guests staying with us for the past week or so. Three guests in our tiny apartment is “interesting”…but we have managed not to get in each other’s way and more surprisingly, we have enjoyed each others company. They have all fussed over my wife and I have not seen her as pleased and interested in the goings on around her as I see her do, in the past week. Anyone who makes my wife happy, makes me happy. So all is good. 

So “good night” all….even though it is already “good morning”. Life is good.


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