The immigresen duty is inside the airport. Who are these people stopping these tourists, threatening them and take away their show money or what ever foreign currency they have? Is there another “immigresen/custom” check after a tourist comes out of the arrival door? The inside officers definitely has asked these tourist how much money they hv and inform their counterpart touts outside to “steal” this money. If the immigresen suspects any tourist coming into Malaysia, that tourist should not even be allowed out of airport. Who r these touts!? Corruption is still at large.Daylight robbery at KLIA arrival hall on a daily basis  right till wee hours of the morning. Minister Anthony Loke has a lot more to do. Everyone knows but all fear to open their mouth. Where is MACC? If you go to KLIA..there are many touts which will wear a black coat and walk around the entrance of the KLIA arrival hall. They will wear a tag around their neck IMPERSONATING as immigresen or police officers. They stand at the auxiliary police booth? They are on the phone constantly and when they get the leads from the Immigresen officers inside..the will stop the Bangladeshi indian and Pakistani tourist who come on tourist visa outside the arrival hall. They will take them to the fast food outlet nearby and rip their bags apart. I saw it with my own eyes.they snatched money from them. They also take them to the tune asia booth. If u ask the tuneasia booth guy..who are this officers in coat..they deny to know. MINISTER OF TRANSPORT..THIS IS HAPPENING IN DAYLIGHT.SHAME ON THE MINISTRY AND OUR AIM TO LURE TOURIST TO MALAYSIA. CORRUPT IS AT ROCK BOTTOM👇