Selamat Pagi Malaysia…apa khabar?

A few random thoughts this morning.

How you do, what you do and what you had to go through to do what you have to do, is immaterial…only the results matters! That seems to be the denominator of what Malaysian politicians do not some of the time but all the time, to win government. Once in Putrajaya, all bets are off. It is me, me and me that matters. If you have half a brain you would be able to figure out what Tun Mahathir is now doing. He understands power, he understands politics. He understands the use of power in politics and the use of politics to have that power. Consolidate. consolidate and consolidate! By GE 15, if Tun is still around, PPBM will be the largest political entity in Malaysia. PWTC will be renamed the PPBM Tower. All that Umno now has will be PPBM’s. Anwar Ibrahim will be DPM (if he behaves). He will be in Sungai Buloh, if he does not. The Chinese, the Indians, Kadazaans, Dayaks….anyone and everyone who is a Malaysian will be found a place in PPBM ala the Barisan Nasional mode and all other political entity, if not already within PPBM will be in a holding pattern circling around PPBM waiting for the call to become an “equal partner” with PPBM…a call that will come as and when Tun Mahthir deems it necessary to further consolidate whatever political gains he has achieved at that point of time. We can only hope that the old man wants to leave a decent legacy behind. A legacy that will make us all remember him for what he has always wanted to do and to be ….to make Malaysia great again and to be the man who made it possible for Malaysia to be great again.

Perak. The Perak MB is in strife. Cakap tak serupa bikin and bila dia cakap dia bikin lagi banyak problem for himself. Somebody better tell him to make like a tree….duduk diam diam. What is becoming more obvious by the day is that Umno has been reincarnated in Perak through the person of this MB. His links…direct, indirect, family, through marriage and whatever….his links to Umno is, to be kind to him….suspect. In the coming days, weeks if not months, his deeds as MB will be closely scrutinised by the likes of Mariam Mokhtar (A Perakian herself and much concerned at the state of her home state) and others who have made it their life work to expose any  Pakatan Harapan politician…make that any politicians…..who are making tons and tons of money for themselves at the expense of the rakyat. From what I know from those whom I know….there is rich pickings for them in Perak.

I think those in PKR who, at one time, thought themselves to be potential Cabinet Ministers in any Cabinet headed by Anwar Ibrahim, are now asking themselves if there will ever be a Cabinet headed by Anwar Ibrahim. Methinks not. The events of these last few weeks has put Tun Mahathir and PPBM quietly and firmly, in control of all things Pakatan Harapan. All that needs to be asked of PKR now is simply this….what will Azmin Ali now do?

After the debacle of the Agong resigning and that “meeting” between Mr Sultan down South and Tun Mahathir, all is quiet on the Western Front. I have it on good authority that the ex King marriage to the Russian who was almost a Malaysian Princess, is in a period of “adjustment”… a Russian who was almost a Malaysian Princess adjust to life in Kota Baru is for you to figure out. Suffice for me to say that the “adjustment” will have no input from PAS and that Russian who was almost a Malaysian princess will adjust as she thinks fit.

And now on the home front….yesterday afternoon, my son checked on my wife to see if she needed a drink.She was lying in the bed a few feet away from where I was working on my Mac….and he called me over because my wife was limp. Her normally clenched hands were relaxed. I went over and held her head gently in my hands and watch her as she continued to sleep…and I told my son that she was limp because she was in deep sleep…and totally relaxed….but it was an anxious moment for both of us. It has not been a good two weeks. My dear wife has noticeably weaken and sleeps for much too long because she now tires easily. She eats less. She looks unwell…but in these last few days, she seems her normal self again : if you can be normal when you are 75 and unwell with advanced dementia. All we can do is cope the best way we can. Make her comfortable and make sure that she does not want for anything. I am grateful for everyday that I wake up and have her by my side. If it is at all possible, I love her more today then I love her in those London days when we were together and did not have a care in the world. But more than anything else, I am grateful that I still have much love for her, want to be with her and care for her. For all it’s uncertainities, Life is Good.