Anywhere you go, in any country you choose, sans race or religion, money confers upon any individual, the means to use and abuse others to service their own needs. For me, the most obnoxious of the rich are those who think that with money nothing they do for themselves and to others, will have any adverse consequences. We have seen it all before in Bolehland. A King who murders. A drug addict King who marries a dubious Russian beauty while supposedly being on leave to undergo rehab and them abdicates. A prime minister who steals billions. A prime minister’s wife who spends millions on handbags. Ministers who amass for themselves hideous wealth. And little Napoleons everywhere, who, in their own little world, go forth and multiply every single ounce of their wretched life to make life miserable for others.

But for me, my most utmost contempt is reserve for those who use their money to make life a hell for family…their own family…. for their estranged spouse and children. Nothing, not even the laws of our land or the laws of Islam can redress the suffering, mental and physical, the hurt and hell, these estranged spouses go through……for everything done to give them hell is done “within the laws of the land and Islam”. And as you and I know, it is always the wife that suffers most at the hands of a husband who has money and uses the money for his own ends.

Emilia is one such tale.

The ex husband is Faisal :

That was quite an introduction…was it not?

Now who is this on the RM125,850.00 Red Sofa? 

In the coming days, I will connect the dots….stay with me!