My Sydney sources tells me that the Sydney Datuk friend of Sirul was seen at Villawood on the 10th of February where Sirul is being held since February 2015. And a few days back that “saya tak mahu pulang” killer of Altantuya was check mate by the Aussies. The Aussies colloquially known to call friends and buddies Mate, have told Sirul “Fuck Off Mate! We don’t need you here. Bye bye Sirul”.

My sources tell me that the Australian Appeal Tribunal (AAT) has refused Sirul’s appeal to stay in Australia as a political refuge on the advice of Australian Immigration who had already refused Sirul’s application to stay in Australia earlier. The AAT  have decided that the murder of Altantuya is NOT a political crime, even though Sirul was claiming that he had been made a “scapegoat by people in higher authority”. In simple language…the AAT did not accept Sirul’s contention that the Malaysian Government ordered Sirul to murder Altantuya. Thus Sirul committed a serious non-political crime before entering Australia…a crime that he did not inform the Australian Immigration authorities about when he entered Australia….and so accordingly, Australia does not owe Sirul any protection obligations. For as long as he is in Australia, he stays in detention in Villawood.   

What is left for Sirul? 

He has the right to appeal to the Federal Court for a review of the decision by the AAT.  Any review by the Federal Court of the decision made by AAT is limited to legal errors made by AAT in their deliberations on Sirul’s appeal. It does not apply to errors of fact. 

If you ask a Chinese what all that means….he will tell you “die standing lah”.

Now what of his son in Canberra? He was brought into Australia as a minor by Sirul and was allowed to stay in Australia for as long as Sirul’s application to stay as a political refuge was being considered by the Australian Authorities. There is that last appeal that Sirul can make to the Federal Court to review the decision made by AAT. Kalau that also dismissed…I think they will send him back to Bolehland asap.

Recap : Like all things in Bolehland, a few datuks…three to be exact…and a few others back in KL…made millions of ringgit out of Sirul. What did Sirul get out of all this? He got his ten minutes of fame and a life sentence to suffer mentally, physically and in every other way. A life sentence he deserves for taking the life of Altantuya.

When will the murderer be brought back to KL to serve his sentence? The Australian government will send him back to KL just as soon as the death sentence is abolished in Malaysia….and that is a work in progress. So it is not a matter of if…more a matter of when! Meanwhile he stays in Villawood. 

Does it all end now? NO…not yet….not as long as those who have profited from the death of Altantuya still lives. There will be others who will want Altantuya’s death to not have been in vain…..and this will not end for as long as Razak Baginda, Najib Razak and Rosmah are still roaming around this blessed earth free.