Do I blog the truth? Am I economical with the truth? Do I let truth prevail? Do I tell the whole truth?

I have been asked that a number of times in these over ten years that I have been blogging. Have I sullied the good name, character and reputation  of people…even captain of Industries and Politics…by what I write? Do I bring shame and odium to people by exposing their greed, arrogance and sexual debauchery when I blog about it? Am I fair to others when I write about them?
Whether I do or do not do these things is not for me to say. You guys who read what I write will judge me. The Malaysian government, in the past and perhaps even the present, makes their own judgement of me based on their vested interest. They have in the past banned steadyaku47 in Malaysia. I know for a fact that because of what I post in my blog, I am a person of interest to PDRM. This “banning” and being a “person of interest” to PDRM, is par for the course for any blogger who speaks the “truth” about Malaysia’s corruption, the abuse of power, the toxic sense of entitlement and the manner in which too many of these bastards act with impunity simply because they can. So I am no stranger to these kind of “things”. That, and a few other reasons, has meant that whenever anyone asks if I am going back to K Hell…I say…”Hell No!”   
When all is said and done, for me, what matters to me is whether I have put the truth out there into the public domain for all of you to ponder and make your decisions about the things happening around us. This is so with what I am now writing about Emilia.
Yesterday Facebook banned me for 24 hours for my post “Emilia : The Red Sofa”…possible because of the “pornographic image” I posted with the post and because someone drew FB’s attention to that  image. From today, I will be more careful and mindful of FB’s requirement that any post should not go against their “Community Standards”….whatever that standard is. I am also mindful of what else could happen to me if I persists in doing what I do in this blog….suffice for me to say that I am mindful and careful of anything that may come my way when I blog the way I do.  
Now let me proceed with Emilia.
It is my basic duty to check the authenticity of any information, documents and images that has been forwarded to me about and having to do with this Emilia tale especially as it involves her ex husband….and who is her ex husband?


Joint Group Executive Chairman of the NAZA Group of Companies.
And who or what is the NAZA Group of Companies?


The Naza Group of Companies began operations in 1975 as a motor trading company by the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin. He later expanded the companies in the group to include automotive franchises, property development, engineering and construction and telecommunications.


And for Malaysians,NAZA and Ferrari are one and the same thing….

Naza Italia Sdn Bhd – Ferrari

Naza Italia Sdn Bhd is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Ferrari brand in Malaysia. In 2014, the company was awarded Best Dealer in the Southeast Asia region for the Prancing Horse brand. Naza Italia also launched Malaysia’s State of the art flagship 4S center – The Naza Italia Lifestyle Centre in Petaling Jaya on 2009, complete with sales, service, spare parts and systems.

That is enough about Faisal. 
Where do I get my information on this tale of Emilia? Until I informed you otherwise, everything that I have posted onto this blog, and will be posting onto this blog in these coming days, are from court documents that Emilia and Faisal himself have agreed are true and are accepted by the courts as being true. Those “porn” images and the other “porn” images that I will be sharing with you guys, are all kosher! That Red Sofa that costs RM 125,850.00 is kosher…and where the money to purchase that and other “questionable gifts” valued in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, presented by Faisal to “others” will be revealed as this tale unfold. And the “others” will also be revealed. 
This Faisal is a Dato Wira, but for my purposes, he will be Faisal. Whether Faisal is a good or bad Muslim, a philandering husband, a bad father, an irresponsible businessman using company funds to pay for his sexual adventures locally and abroad is not for me to say. I will present the facts as I know it, supported by documents and moving pictures (videos lah!) and you decide. In Malaysia, journalists seldom asks the questions that I, as a bloggers asks, of those that we want to write about. Why they do not do so is for you to speculate and think about, but as you and I know, the high and mighty in Malaysia are not to be trifled with. For me in Melbourne and for me who intends to keep staying in Melbourne, I flick my two fingers to the high and mighty in Bolehland.  
And why am I writing this tale about Emilia? It is simply too common a tale of impunity unfairly claimed by the rich and entitled in Malaysia. It is a sordid tale of infidelity and sexual excesses that harmed the innocents and family. It is also a tale we often see played out in Malaysia among the Malays. The father builds a business empire, his heirs abuse what they have been gifted with by the labour of their father….and soon, much too soon…. the business empire left behind by their father is beset with problems and debts and it’s survival, in the long-term, is questionable. What I will tell you about Faisal will go some way towards allowing you to make your own judgement about him and what he is doing to the Naza group of Companies that his late father, Tan Sri Nasimuddin, started. 
As for Emilia…she must be mentally, physically and financially stretched to the very limits of human endurance. No I have not met her and I do not know her but I know of her. She has a slew of litigations thrown at her in which Faisal is the Plaintiff and she, the defendant.  At the last count 33 Syariah cases in total. Common sense tells us that much money must have been spent by her, possibly in the hundreds of thousands, to defend herself against these litigations. Money that she does not have and must seek elsewhere. All that I want to try and do is to tell her story. Emilia’s story….and this I will try to do in the coming days.