7.14am Sunday. Melbourne. I had an early night yesterday…was asleep by 2.30am. That for any blogger worth his salt, is early, and am now at my keyboard at this time of the morning with much to write. After two weeks of Emilia, I still have much to write about Emilia. After two weeks of Emilia, you guys still do want to read more about Emilia. I have written many stories in the past but none….I repeat… none…..have consumed me like Emilia.And yet for you guys and for me, what has Emilia got to do with our lives? Why are we bothered with what is happening in her life, about the trials and tribulations she and her children are now going through at the hands of someone whose sacred duty, at one point of their lives, was to protect their lives and provide for their every needs? 

We are bothered because, in the natural order of things, we are our brother’s/sister’s keepers. We care for each other more than we would be prepared to admit and if one of us is going through a rough patch in their lives, we should, we must and we will, do all we can to help. Everyday, in these past two weeks since I started writing about Emilia, I am reminded of this by all you guys who have told me, in not so many words….that we all care for her children and for her. As I read your comments and thoughts on what I write about Emilia, I know we are all with her in her troubled times. We abhor spouse abuse. We abhor any abuse by one of us upon another one of us…especially when the one being abused is unable to defend themselves….and that, in a nutshell, is what this Emilia tale is all about! 


But friends, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday I have written about Emilia….and even God rested from all his work on the seventh day……and so will I. And so until we start the week again esok….Emilia has to wait. Amen.