4.50 am Monday morning. Melbourne.  

On the 7th of February, via messenger, I received this from JZ : “Salam Mr Hussein. Hope this finds you well. Is there a way I can personally get in touch with you? Appreciate your prompt response. Thank you”.

My reply : “Hi ____…what would it be about please?

JZ : “This is with regards to the posting on Emilia and Faisal Nasimuddin Sir….I would like to discuss with you on how we can negotiate removing the post….Is this possible?…..I appreciate your response Sir. My interest in this is at a capacity of a close family friend. I know the children……All due respect Sir, we have the resources to remove the posts that you have put up but we dont want to stoop to her level hence I am writing and communicating with you so we can settle this amicably. This is not a threat but its reality Sir……On another note, I saw your beautiful 2 granddaughters pics living in Canada…..How about if I take a flight to Melbourne to see you?” 

My reply “….… a few things I need to make you understand. You said you have the resources to remove the posts that I have put up. Do so and do not waste your time “negotiating” with me. And never ever bring my two grand daughters into this ever again. I do not take to kindly to threats. Now that that is out of the way……think careful of what you do and what you say to me from now on. I have had a look in detail at what has been forwarded to me and I do understand their ramifications on Faisal if they are put into the public domain. My question to you is ….and this is not a threat….does Faisal?”

If need be in the future, I will publish the full text of the above “conversation” I had with JZ …but suffice for now for you all to understand what it is that I am up against in telling you guys this tale of Emilia.
Following is my reply on Facebook to comments from Astilbe Merisioux : 
Astilbe Merisioux This man is from a filthy rich and powerful family. Speculations will now begin from within to outwardly, so as to sway public opinion..any info we hear, we need to trace back to identity of the source, if not, we risk sharing any info from inside in public places now as they travel like a wildfire and will implicate the human lives involved. Other than that, Emilia will not make it big by going to Pak Ssein without putting her dignity on the line for the world to witness the hideousness of the NAZA GROUP FAMILY.
She has a case here. If the beatings were not the Truths and nothing but the truth, Emilia will not expose this.
And NAZA HAS all the money in the world to silence this brave woman by twisting the story to making her look crazy and insane.
She must be protected at all costs and we must stand by her.
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid I am aware of the ramifications of what I do here and the ramifications upon those involved. I can assure you that I have double and triple checked the sources of what ever I post in my blog to be kosher before I post them. I have already told you guys why I am doing it….and if it exposes the hideousness of the NAZA GROUP FAMILY….so be it.

Let there be clarity on one thing. There are numerous articles and videos already out there that tells this tale of Emilia and Faisal. Emilia is always portrayed as the gold digger who married into wealth and he is the dashing, wealthy scion of the NAZA group of companies. I will tell Emilia’s tale as I see it. I see Faisal as an embarrassment to the memory of his late father, Tan Sri Nasimuddin and his mother, Puan Sri Zaleha. I see him as a philandering husband who thinks that him having natural and unnatural sex, on camera, is hilarious. And the disrespect he shows to others by filming him having sex with them without their knowledge, speaks enough of this man’s sick and twisted mind….and all this has been mentioned and acknowledge by him in Court….and if need be, I will post it here for you to see for yourself what this bastard does.        

I said moving pictures…and so here are moving pictures starring the Red Sofa. Where these moving pictures will lead to, is, for now, for me to know and for you guys to find out in the coming days. Until the coming days….do stay with me on this Emilia’s tale.


“100 Prostitutes worth more than you….I want 365 girls to fuck a year. What is wrong with it? Is better than fucking guys? Right??? Straight forward sex is boring for me….I want 3 girls in one go!!! I want to party, drink & do want ever I want without reporting to you!! Islam Overrated. Zina is cool.You’re just a hole”

Faisal messaging to his then wife, Emilia.

More to come in these coming days…