4.41 am. Melbourne. Wednesday. There are many things going on in my head in these very early hours of the morning. For one, I am unsure if I should be going to sleep or start my day. I know that I am awake but I do not know what I should do next! No my mind is not confused it is my physical self that is confused for I do not know for sure if it will do my bidding. I want to stay awake and write some more but I do not know if I can….and a strong Short Black will not help.

Anyway…I wanted to say a few words on what has been happening these last few weeks. You know and I know that I have written too much about Emilia…because there are other things happening around me that I also want to write about….but there are a few loose ends that still needs to be attended to before I move on to other things… other things than Emilia. I hope to tie up those loose ends this week….meantime, bear with me re my focus on Emilia.

Politics and current affairs are still in my mind. I question what Pakatan Harapan does in the name of government but my belief in their ability to deliver what they have promised us, is still unwavering. Tun Mahathir, Tun Mahathir and Tun Mahathir! I cannot state more clearly than that where my unwavering support lies… Tun Mahathir not Anwar Ibrahim. Where yours lie is for you to decide but let us agree to disagree in a civil manner and with grace….for after all we are in this together. We all want what is best for Malaysia and for Malaysians. 

Everything else, including heaven, can wait. My physical self is telling me enough. I must now to sleep. Good nite or good morning to one and all. Life is good.