What is fact and what is fiction is for you to figure out…..



In our lives, what is reality and what is fiction walks a very fine line. Sometimes too fine a line that is deliberately blurred because it serves the image you want to make for your self…however flawed and self-serving that image is. Whatever the image you have cultivated for yourself, whatever the lie you live of your lives and whatever the reality truly is….anyone who puts on camera that part of their sordid lives best kept hidden from others, must surely have a death wish or are so arrogantly stupid….or as the Malay say it…bodoh sombong….to think that what they have on film will never see the light of day. 

If only the Red Sofa could speak…then we can ask of it why anyone would think it is hilarious to film one’s philandering ways ! And we would also want to ask the Red Sofa why the girl too, thought it hilarious when she found out that what she just did with the guy was on camera….as we hear her say “you video it…o my God you video it….(laughter)….nak tengok…nak tengok!’…surely they do deserve each other!

You have already witnessed the start of what they did together in a previous posting Emilia : The Red Sofa reprise”…and above is the last few seconds of that tape. What happens in between makes for interesting viewing…..but for now I will have to leave it to your imagination to fill in the blanks for there are more “interesting” things to look at in the life of this rich and famous Malaysian.

To be continued.