I am not in the business of blackmail, peras ugut or thuggery when it comes to what I do on this blog. What I try is to do whatever it takes to get to the truth. In this tale of Emilia, before every story I tell, through JZ who wanted to “negotiate with me to remove the post” and who claimed “My interest in this is at a capacity of a close family friend. I know the children” ….I have forwarded to him some details of what I intend to post on my blog BEFORE I post them to allow him to tell Faisal what I intend to do and to see if Faisal will respond and tell me why I should NOT post what I was going to post. Nothing….JZ never came back to me with any respond from Faisal. Whether he did tell Faisal or he did not is for him to know. 

If Faisal reads what I post on this blog….I want to tell him this. My next posting may include “moving pictures” of the image below of the Red Sofa and some other activities he may or may not have knowledge of. If he does have knowledge of the said “activity”…..he can tell me why I should or should not post those “moving pictures’. 

This is not a threat. It is merely me a blogger, telling a very rich Malay(so they say), a man about town (so they also say of him) and a captain of industry (NOT!) and the scion of one of Malaysia’s wealthiest families (the jury is still out on this one!)…it is just me a blogger telling him that I have got this and I am going to put it into the public domain and damm whoever are in the “moving pictures!” 

When will I post it? Dalam masa terdekat…whatever that means!

Enough said.