• Astilbe Merisioux : Okay I fell of my chair on the last photo! Is that Puteri Aisyah?
    Is Puan Sri Zaleha seeing the photos and videos? And their children too, when they grow up?
    See their son and father do this with another woman who is not their mother/daughter-n-law.
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid :  The mother, Puan Sri Zaleha and most of the family have been in Bandung for a holiday …but I believe they are back in KL now….that is why I have asked for all you guys to viralkan Emilia’s tale so that it will eventually reach the mother’s attention…so please guys….viralkan.
    • Astilbe Merisioux :  Sharing, because Emilia has no one else by her side now. Against the patriarchal men who want to use and dispose women in the same way as SM Faisal did. He is sort of person who is the problem to the society today and to let him go without telling Emilia’s true story, is to allow this behaviour to continue against Malaysian women.
  • Astilbe Merisioux : the problem is, the mainstream media is not picking up because they are advertising for NAZA GROUP!!! Only we the ones who are not tied down and free from this bondage can share the truth of Emilia’s story. Say no to submissive patriarchal infestation among Malay women of Malaysia. Sharing to help fight against male chauvinism in Malaysian society that has become prevalent among the Malays. This thing among the Malays must be stopped. Because now it has affected others as well.!

Astilbe Merisioux :  Imagine the mother’s shame when seeing the video of her son having sex and blow jobbed by a stranger woman. So much for Islam. If they are proud to be Muslims at all, they should come out and apologise to Emilia for what Faisal and NAZA Group have done to her and her children.