Selamat Pagi Malaysia…food for thought! The following “warkah” came my way this morning. It makes for interesting reading if you are one of those who eagerly follow developments of all things political in Bolehland…and are keen to know the inner thoughts of our political “elites”. Study the “warkah” below authored by one of those “political elites” and make your own mind as to the authenticity and more of concern to many of us….the veracity of those numbers being projected by the author, given the fluidity of all things politics in Malaysia today.  

In the scheme of things to come…when push comes to shove….when numbers dictates your political survival or demise….it is prudent to count your chicken but, I dare to suggest, not the eggs that are still to hatch. Contingency plans must be hatched for the barbarians are already at the gate. Yes, Tun Mahathir have already met with Towel Head Hadi to scheme devilish plots to surely protect themselves against what will surely come…..a realignment of political alliances to serve the vested interests of those who would be King.

But brader Anwar has not met with Towel Head Hadi….hence PAS numbers are missing from the above musings….for no one is sure where PAS will go.

For those familiar with the Segambut Mob, you will surely know the author of the above warkah. So do I, but I will not be mischievous and spoil the cloak and dagger scheming of the politically powerful (so they think themselves to be) from Segambut.

Enough said…and this just in….