newcomer, [1 Mar 2019 9:12 pm]:
No political arena in the world has been as juicy and cinematic as Malaysia over the past half decade

newcomer, [1 Mar 2019 9:22 pm]:
rewcastle is no angel either. it appears that her so called championing for investigative journalism cause can be bought at only few hundred thousand dollars

Hussein Hamid, [1 Mar 2019 9:26 pm]:
Let me add to that…Clare spent three days in Melbourne last year with me on something we were working together…and she told me that her Lawyers for the Hadi case in London, were working pro bono (for free)…so I wonder where the money that PAS is paying her will go to.

Hussein Hamid, [1 Mar 2019 9:28 pm]:
And on top of that ….she fucked me up on the project we were both working on…go to this link for more…“”

And do not forget how disappointed she was that she was not able to do the film on 1MDB….and how upset she was when “Billion Dollar Whale” came out….as she claimed she was the sourced of the story…

Moral of the story….ask yourself why this white bitch would want to spend so much time writing about OUR country !!!

End of story.