The PKR president says that given time, the people will understand why the government is taking so long to carry out certain measures.

No action taken on Taib Mahmud
No action taken on Lembu woman
No action taken on missing Pastor Koh, Amri & 2 others
No action taken on Gopi’s cases
No action on tolls – still bullshitting
Allowing bail for big time crooks
No action taken on racists & religious bigots
Allowing logging
No action taken on over development
Allowing bauxite operations to continue
No action on Indira’s daughter
No action on fake degrees
Allowing under performing ministers & MBs to stay
No improvement in healthcare – kelinik kesihatan are packed
Allowing prices of essentials to go up & up
& banyak lagi

All u buggers are interested in is :
3rd national cars
Flying cars
Collecting garbage from umno
operasi against hawkers
Smoking ban & operasi against illegal ciggies (how many can afford RM 17.40 per pack)

The only difference – my internet bill is down by RM 53.00