6.27 am. Sunday. Melbourne.

We lost in Semenyih. Yes not only Pakatan Harapan lost in Semenyih….you and I…we too lost in Semenyih. What did we lose? We lost what we thought we had after GE14. We lost “hope”. We have lost the hope that things will be better for Malaysia and for Malaysians after GE14. We have lost the hope that Pakatan Harapan can be the government we have wanted post GE 14 : Capable, open, responsible and gracious. And most of concern to many of us, we have lost “hope” itself. After Cameron and now Semenyih, after nine months of a Pakatan Harapan Kerajaan and after all that we have seen this PH Kerajaan do in the name of government, we are, excuse my language “TRULY FUCKED”.

Let me get personal here. Let me tell you my experience post GE14.

First a little history about us bloggers. I, and many other bloggers, have put in all that we have got for the past many years (for me it is over a decade, for others maybe more, for some a bit less) and we have done all that we can possibly do through our blogs, to help Pakatan Harapan win in GE14. And we did plenty. Speaking for myself I have posted thousands of articles to highlight the abuse and misuse of political power for personal gain by this Kleptocratic Barisan Nasional government led by Umno. I spent many hundreds of hours at my keyboard in support of the then opposition and together, you and me, we can lay claim to the boast that we did help put Pakatan Harapan into government at GE14.

Nine months after GE14 what have I to show for all the “work” that I had put in to help Pakatan Harapan win government? Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nought. Let me be more specific. In the past nine months after GE14 I have asked only one favour of this Pakatan Harapan government. One fucking simple favour…and that too not for myself ….but for someone who extended much help to me in my fight for Pakatan Harapan against that Kleptocratic Umno led BN government. All that was needed to help that someone was for the government to return to him what was his in the first place, but taken away from him by the Kleptocratic BN government because he refused to “kautim” with PDRM…and so what was his was taken from him….and all that I asked of this Pakatan Harapan government, was for that property of his, to be returned. And what did “they” do to my request? Zilch. Zero. Naught….not even an acknowledgement. Fuck them!

And you guys know about “Emilia”….it is a common tale of the rich and the titled in Malaysia, doing what they will.  A tale of a corrupt judicial system and a PDRM that abetted and assisted him in making the life of his ex-wife and children a hell. It is also a tale of a Muslim who lied with impunity in Court to protect his Ass, who fornicated with many, committed sodomy and all the others things that a Muslim is not supposed to do…and no bloody judicial or religious authority (of which there are many in Bolehland)…….acted to assist his ex-wife and children, obtain justice for their wretched plight, what more to prosecute this ex husband and father of three children, Faisal, for what he has done wrong. And so again, we bloggers have to do what we can to tell her sad and wretched tale of persecution by an ex husband who is the son of the late Tan Sri Nasimuddin who established the Malay conglomerate that is now a household name…Naza Group of companies!

That help that I had asked of this Pakatan Harapan government to return what was unfairly seized by PDRM from someone who has done his bit to help Pakatan Harapan government win GE14, and this sad sad plight of Emilia and her children….all this…. is NOW happening in a Pakatan Harapan government.

You guys will have your own story to tell….but I have this to tell this Pakatan Harapan government. I give you notice, and so, I am sure, will many other bloggers…..I give notice that we are putting you on notice….watch your back! We put you guys in government We can take you guys out!