Every blogger have their nemisis….some more than one.
I have a few, and one of them is Mo Halim 🙄 ….Most of the time when he makes a comment on what I write, my reaction is a rolling of the eyes and a “Why did I not think about that before he did?” and he gets another point in his favour against me. He did it again today. I reached out to him this morning with this request ” Bro…this Emilia story is a fight I intend to take all the way. The NAZA family has formed a circle …them and us….please bro…we got to marshall the troops and see what we can do to help her. I will go all the way….” And this is his reply…a classic !

Mo Halim
Indeed. He must be exposed. I have shared and spread the news. Even told my son not to buy his next car from NAZA 😡
steadyaku47 comment : What say you Guys? Where are you going to buy your next car?