3.06am. So so tired. Fell asleep early after dinner in bed. went through the many many messages of sympathy and empathy you guys sent me these last few days and I am somehow physically and mentally stronger for the love you guys sent to me and to my dear departed wife. Thank you. It is just past 3am here in Melbourne and I still need to sleep some more…but before I do….just this short note of thanks to all of you who have been with me these last few days during what time I still had with my dear wife. Before I go to to rest again…I saw this image of my dear wife from the past posted by my daughter on her FB…and thought I will share with you all a memory from a time a long long time ago….I miss her so much. I remember how, these last few days….how I pleaded with her to get better so that I can take her home with me…..in the end I went home with my son… without my love. Thank you all and to my dear wife…goodbye.