Monday 8.45 am. Melbourne.
The last four days have been a physically and emotionally draining time for me… those four days I lost my wife of over 50 years! I have had many of our friends express their heartfelt sadness at her passing, and that, in a way, made me realise that my dear wife life did touch others apart from her own family. She passed away in her sleep with me and my son there with her.

Early this morning we said our goodbyes but leaving her alone by herself to go back home without her was most difficult for my son and me. I slept for a while to recover from the four days without much sleep and then got to dealing with matters that needed to be done. The funeral.

I discussed the funeral arrangements with my son (who has been my rock these last few days) and with my daughter in Canada and have started the process of getting some idea of costs…the cheapest starts at Aud$10K…. which includes the burial plot…no frills…a coffin, a viewing and then off to the cemetery for burial. And from there, the costs went up and up! Where am I to get the money?  How often are people prepared to help me? And yet I know I still have to ask if you can…

Meanwhile, I will have to think of something. I will work this through. One option I will not consider is cremation. Cremation halves the costs of the Funeral but it is thought I do not want to think about for now. Anyway my friend….life is never meant to be easy and I for one know that for a fact. Give me a few more days to deal with a life without my love….and then….maybe I will find a reason to write again. For now steadyaku47 will have to wait…I must first deal with the realities that you need money to do anything in this damm world of ours!