This will be a series of articles that goes inside the NAZA Group of Companies, inside the people and the family that are part of the NAZA Family, inside what is good, what is rotten and what is right and what is wrong with the NAZA’s…..mostly about what is wrong with the NAZA’s family. Let me tell you that if you are part of this NAZA family, it will not be something you would want others to know about your Family. Let me be more precise, already 70% of all the wealth that Tan Sri had accumulated in his lifetime, his next generation has already squandered through a combination of bad financial decisions, bad circumstances, lack of thrift, bad luck and a lack of business acumen! And by the third generation of NAZAS, I expect a stunning 90% of the entire wealth that Tan Sri Nasimuddin has accumulated in his lifetime, will be lost….lost by the second and third generations of Tan Sri’s own family who were not financially responsible enough to handle inheritance because they had no clue as to the value of money or how to handle it. So much for dynastic wealth! Soon the NAZA will fade out…financially in tatters! The NAZA’s are all millionaires now….BUT…. they are NOT millionaires who have millions in their bank accounts. They are millionaires who spends millions. Millions of their inherited wealth! Yes that is what Malay millionaires do. The Chinese millionaire is the exception! They go out and earn more millions…look at the Yeoh Tiong Lays and the Lim Goh Tongs. Enough said!  

For starters, upon Tan Sri’s demise, RM600 million of his accmulated wealth was given to his second and third wife…a decision made by the family to prevent any embarresmant to the family should any further revelations of Tan Sri’s “matrimonial arrangements” be exposed to the public. And by extension, look at where Dato Wira Faisal Tan Sri Nasimuddin’s “matrimonial” arrangements are right now. Divorced, facing Domestic Violence charges in court, has over 30 litigations where he is the plaintiff and his ex wife the defendant. He is an emerging “porn star” and somewhere in that mixture, there are sodomy charges pending. His father Tan Sri Nasimuddin had hidden wives and mistresses and even a second family. Dato Wira Faisal is heading that way too. The apple does not fall far from the trees……does it?    

With their tight Zegna suits, manicured fingernails and expensive shoes, RM200k watches, you’d think these NAZA boys are capable businessmen. They’re anything but.

We start with the business of NAZA today and what a Dato Samson Anand George has to do with it….and before we go on, that “Dato” title conferred upon Samson was for Nasaruddin but Nasaruddin was then not yet “ready” to hold that title…so it was given to Samson.

Dato Samson Anand George is stealing from a Malay company…from the NAZA Group of Companies to be more precise! Samson controls the multiple of millions spent by the Naza Group of companies on Advertising. He is the Group CEO, Automative Group, Naza Corp Holdings cum PR Director….aka the Media man for the Naza brothers. Yes a Dato he may be but he is actually their Chief Entertainment Officer who is an expert in Spas, taking media for nude karaoke and other unmentionables “entertainment” for the Naza brothers when the brothers are overseas! Samson has no paper qualification. He did study Law in London but is a dropout! SM Faisal and Nasarudin really cannot run the Naza business…they have put everything in the hands of this drop out party boy Dato Samson!


How much money is Samson siphoning right from under the ignorant SM Faisal nose via advertising to Aideah and Times Media? Your guess would be as good as mine, but the multiple millions spent by the NAZA Group of companies on advertising would give you an idea of what was possible for Samson to “skim” off for himself. 

Samson also owns KMW Auto Sdn Bhd via proxy Joseph Raj and wife, and Nadarajah Sivalingam. The GM is Samson’s nephew Justin Paul Samson. They have taken over Kia Puchong, and apparently now Kia Rawang, with further centres in Cheras and Shah Alam.

Samson is highly paid by NAZA, with an unlimited entertainment budget, one company car for Benz, Kia, Peugeot, Citroen etc. Why? Maybe it is because he does all the dirty work for NAZA. It must be lovely for Dato Samson to work for dopes like SM Faisal and SM Nasarudin who are busy posing on Instagrams, holidaying in London, California, Bali and more!

Why do the Naza boys keep Samson on their payroll?

1) He can PR out all the misdeeds with the newspaper editors. Offer ads, trips, car discounts, etc. With NAZA’s advertising budget at his disposal, Samson holds the newspaper editors to ransom :  either tell good tales about the NAZA’s or lose advertising revenue.

2) Samson helps the NAZA boys to lari cukai with his fake invoicing. Go ask the Ministry of Finance and Customs to compare actual invoices from Kia in Korea, PSA in France with those submitted to the Govt. Their values won’t match!

Let me count the other ways that the Naza boys are now running the Naza Group of Companies to the ground. Hell they are already at ground level and are now beginning to dig deep into the ground!

Three Naza Food and Beverage brands have closed shop in 2018.

  • Bubba Gump with three outlets in Sunway Pyramid, Citta Mall and The Curve.
  • Gyu Kaku : Japanese Barbecue Restaurant.
  • Morelli’s Ice Cream

Dotty’s (Malaysian and European fusion of pastries, cakes and breads) and BLVD (American Restaurant) are still running but bleeding profusely!

The NAZA boys are now selling off land or putting it up as collateral for loans and revolving credit from the banks. I know that with at least one piece of land they tried to get two banks to put a charge on it and give loans at once, but Bank number two found out and they were not amused. Comedic buggers these NAZA boys…are they not?
The NAZA boys have already lost Harley Davidson to Didi Resources which is a JV between the Penang VW dealers Goh Brothers and other parties. They lost Aprilia to the same bunch. The Didi group already has Moto Guzzi and Aprilla in hand (both under the Piaggio Group). Vespa too is under the Piaggio Group. Will Vespa be the next to go from the NAZA stable to Didi Resources? 
Chevrolet also already tutup kedai!
NAZA Quest Sdn Bhd will cease to distribute new Chevrolet vehicles from Nov 15 2018, the company announced today.

KUALA LUMPUR: NAZA Quest Sdn Bhd will cease to distribute new Chevrolet vehicles from tomorrow. However, the company will continue to provide warranty and after sales service for existing Chevrolet customers, until the appointment of a new Chevrolet distributor under an agreement between Naza Quest and General Motors (GM) In a statement, Datuk Samson Anand George, Group CEO for the Automotive Group, Naza Corporation Holdings Sdn Bhd said the decision was part of a ‘brand rationalisation plan’. “We came to this decision as a result of a brand rationalisation plan under the Naza Group’s overall corporate strategy to create long-term sustainability and profitability. We will continue to focus on our other four and two-wheel brands”.

Ok guys …that will do for now. More to come on “INSIDE NAZA” in my next posting.