Selamat Pagi Malaysia…8.55am pagi Sabtu. Already had by first short black of the day. Already had my daily two capsules of Black Seed Oil (100% Pure Virgin Unrefined. Cold Pressed) that M in K Hell insists I must take in order to maintain my energy levels at a reasonable level for a man of my age! Already done my first posting of the day about Newsmalaysia’s article on me….so now what?

What indeed! Dato Samson Anand George! That is what!

My sources in K Hell tells me that Dato is in “full-blown panic mode”….that means so is Dita Puspawathy, so is that Star bugger Dato Wong Chu Wai, so is PKT Dato Michael Tio and a few others who shall, for now, remain nameless….and of course their “paymaster”…Dato Wira Faisal Nasimuddin and the Naza brothers.

As they say, throw a stone into any crowd in K Hell and you will most likely than not, hit a Dato. It looks like in Dato Samson’s corner, almost everyone is a Dato. And Dato’s are an expensive bunch to maintain in any stable. So when they are all in NAZA’s stable, I guess the NAZA brothers are paying for their maintainance!!! More on this later.

For now let me focus on this Samson guy…


A word of advice to Samson from me. Before you do anything else about the articles I have been writing and will be writing on “INSIDE NAZA”…be very very sure that the authorities in Malaysia, which include LHDN, Customs, MOF and the Pakatan Harapan government, do NOT read what I write about NAZA and you.

Also be very sure that NAZA’s principals, KIA, Peugeot, Vespa, Ferrari, Maserati, Citroen and the others, do NOT read what I write about NAZA and you too!


Because if they do read what I write and if they do decide to get together to find out which one of us is lying…then, as the Australian say, you are DEAD MEAT!


If these Principals of NAZA make their original Invoices to NAZA for the vehicles they supply to NAZA available to the Malaysian Authorities to compare to the Invoices you submitted to the authorities on behalf of NAZA, they will be able to confirm that you and the Naza brothers have been screwing the Malaysian government out of a hell of a lot of  taxes that NAZA should rightly have paid to the Malaysian government…betul tak? All that magic of those fake invoices scam you have been doing for NAZA sure cannot jalan anymore…betul tak?

In court NAZA’s principals will have to produce their invoices and I will demand that PSA HQ in France and Kia Motors HQ in Seoul provide certified true copies of actual invoices. NAZA’s principals are going to be drawn into a huge money-laundering case. Kia operates in the United States and PSA is making inroads in the US too. They may both be subject to US anti trust laws and the US State Dept may go after NAZA under the US  money laundering and financing of terrorism laws. Betul tak?

Dato Samson, here I am just talking about the fake invoicing scam “magic” that you have been doing for the NAZAS for years… what comes next?

Where, but in NAZA, have you heard about the head of a company’s Auto Business, having full control of its advertising? That somebody is you Dato Samson. You are head of NAZA Auto business and you have full control of its advertising budget. And in that mix throw in Aidah Communications, Times Media, the Star Dato Wong Chun Wai and a few others ….all of them unwittingly and generously funded by the NAZA brothers advertising budget!

And there is more…much more. Don’t forget your own tax fraud and money laundering activities. All this too will come out. But enough cakap cakap for now. There is a life to be lived out  there and I intend to take a breath of fresh air…away from the sordid, depraved, greedy, corrupt world that you guys wallow in.

So I suggest you think again about your plans to hantam me lest you get hantam more than what I have intended to hantam you in the first place. 

FYI…Juan Zainal and his offer to “negotiate” with me on behalf of Faisal may be next!

Watch this space.