My Dear Sam,

I have been so much on your mind these last few days that I feel that by now you must know me quite well. So no more Datuk lah, It will be Sam from now. I was thinking that Sam the Sham would be a good nick name for you. Sounds good and it rhymes. And it does describes you to a T. That Datukship was not even paid for by you but by the Naza brothers was it not? You did not pass your Law exams in London so I am sure you are not in the “circle of professional friends” that the Newsmalaysia guy was talking about! Maybe you are just a “friend” to him. Whatever lah…but I do not take kindly to someone (You lah) that is running around K Hell and making calls here and there trying to get people to hantam me…especially this comment about me from u know who “From 28 February to 5 April 2019, in a short span of just 5 weeks or about 40 days, Hussien Abdul Hamid, the Steadyaku47 blog owner has allowed a mercenary to post 10 ARTICLES on his blog – FOR MONEY.”. I have already posted a reply to that “for money” accusation by posting my conversation with Juan Zainal who wanted to come to Melbourne to “negotiate” with me about taking my postings on Faisal down! So think twice before you ask that guy to call me other names….I can give as good as I get. Kapish?

The one thing I agreed with that Newsmalaysia article is when he said “let the courts decide”.

The court has already decided that Faisal has committed Perjury. Done deal. Then Faisal will be fronting court on the 24th April for Domestic Violence…and the Syariah court will decide on his obligations to his ex-wife and children when they get to sit and look into that soon. All this are facts. I have court documents to verify these facts and what I am doing is sharing these facts with the Malaysian Public because the Main Stream Media is beholden to you and Naza (that is a polite way of saying that the local media, from editor down, are in your pockets and loving it!). So if the main stream media in Malaysia will not write about Faisal assault on Emilia and his porn movies of himself doing it on camera, and the dirty things you guys are doing in business, then I will.

And a shout out to those that have been “entertained” by Sam on behalf of NAZA….there is a little black book with all your details kept by you know who for future “reference” in case you stray. Nudge nudge wink wink! So go make sure they erase/delete your details asap before they fall into the wrong hands…like MACC who should be going through NAZA’s books dalam masa terdekat! 

And Sam you cannot say that I have committed any offence by saying these things in my blog because when it is the truth, it is not an offence.   

Then if need be (and this is no threat), I will do what I have to do to let Naza’s Principals and business associates know what kind of animal…beast….human being this Faisal is and I and the public (their customers ma!) will then question why they are doing business with him and with Naza. I already have their names, email addresses etc etc to ensure that the right person in each organization gets the information they should get.

You think I am bluffing? Let us start with those nearest and dearest to Naza : 

[email protected] Vice President Marketing in Malaysia.

cc to Claus Weidner Mercedes Benz President and CEO Malaysia.

So Sam do not call my bluff.

What do you think Mercedes Benz will think when they find out that their Malaysian partner is engaged in wife-beating, sodomy, homemade porn, tax evasion, double invoicing, illicit entertainment and much more. And what would they think if they know who is behind the tax evasion and double invoicing. You sure die one lah! I know the margin for these cars are not that great but you and I know about Naza’s financials and Mercedes does help to keep NAZA afloat! And how happy would Cycle and Carriage be if they have one less competitor in the market.

You a Church going man Sam? Anglican I think? And you do wear a gold cross and chain around your neck kan? Well Sam you better not let your wife and Church read this…opps if they already have…aiyah susah for you lah. You are not as pious and innocent as you make yourself out to be. I want you to understand this…I have no quarrel with you. You are just collateral baggage. It is the NAZA brothers, Faisal to be exact, that I want to talk about. I want to write about what he has done to NAZA, about what he has done to Emilia and his Children and about what kind of bastard he is. You better just sit down in a corner and be quiet. Do not do anything even if Wong Chun Wai and Michael Tio are pressuring you to do so. It is your ass that is on the line, not theirs. Be quiet and make like a tree and maybe, just maybe, I will give you a cookie and then you can go away.

As for that Newsmalaysia guy…tell him to shut the fuck up but do not forget to pay him for the “work” he has done for you. I know he has to cari makan too so I will leave him be. I cannot understand why you have been quiet all this time while your “BOSS”…that Faisal guy…have been hammered by me left, right and centre…but the moment I mention you, you start panicking and try to get people to write about me and start calling me all sorts of names! This “open letter” is my way of telling you this…if you want to go head to head with me, do it yourself. Do not ask Dita, Tony or anyone else to do it for you. Be a man and fight your own battles. Kapish?

And Sam, in case you are wondering…..I got 56K clicks on Friday and 46K clicks on Saturday on my blog with those article about you. Much more on Facebook as some of them were sharing those posts about you quite energetically. Those stats are just for your info. No need to tell the NAZA brothers as they would not have a clue about any stats that you show them. If they ask, just tell them a “lot” of people read those stories about them. Those Naza brothers are still taking part in that experiment in Artificial Stupidity and they are living proof that sometimes the good genes from their Father may skip a generation or two!

Laugh a little Sam. You have been laughing all the way to the bank since Tan Sri died and his sons had to depend on you and your “invoicing magic” to make a quick buck for them and for Naza but in the process deprive our government out of a lot of revenue. It is now Karma time..and you know enough about Karma to know that dalam masa terdekat, you will have to answer for what you have done all these years. Amen.

P.S…yes I still have lots of things to write about you. Don’t make me write them.