Sam the Sham aka Songlap Sammie otherwise known as Dato Samson Anand George covering his Nuts…the next target I will be going for if he does not leave me alone! Remember Sam you are collateral luggage. Just stay out of the way or it is the highway for you. I have not started to talk about your “silap mata” with opening branches, letting them go bust and then have these branches taken over by your “kawan kawan” dealers…like the Jalan 222 Branch that you launched above. Now you have taken yourself off Facebook and Twitter…but I already got all the pictures I need from them….so behave yourself.   

Sorry guys this “INSIDE NAZA” segment is getting a bit personal between Sam and me…but when you want to hantam somebody, make sure your backside is covered. This Sam guy went after me personally and started calling me an “Enuch” who sells his blog space for money and that I was making “salacious accusations…… against the eldest scion of the NAZA Group, claiming everything you would imagine a perverted movie character would do in a horror flick. The intent was clear – shock and shiok. The owner of the blog Steadyaku47 and the writer probably felt they were sodomised by DAP and NAZA group respectively, and entered into an unholy marriage of convenience to earn some money and some revenge, respectively”

Simply said Dato Samson…either I get an apology from this Newsmalaysia guy or I am going to kick your butt to kingdom come. Kapish? You have already took yourself off Facebook and Twitter….why? Malu apa Boss?