Kalau Melayu nak kaya…saya sokong. Kerja kuat. Jangan kachau orang Melayu yang tak kachau kamu. Jangan kasi susah kapada orang Melayu simply because you have the money to hassle them and the money to use the legal process to make them suffer financially, physically and mentally. Jangan tamak. Jangan menipu. Jangan curi daripada orang Melayu apa yang sepatutnya memang harta atau kepunyaan mereka. Jangan susahkan orang Melayu yang tidak meyusahkan kamu.

Dan yang paling mustahak untuk kamu faham, jangan tipu kerajaan kerana bila kamu menipu Kerjaan bermakna kamu juga menipu kami, rakyat Malaysia!

Dan awak sebagai sa orang Muslim, jangan kata “Islam is over rated”. Jangan kata “Zina is cool”. Jangan buat video porn with you as the star. Jangan indulge in sodomy. 

Faisal you have done all of the above and more!

Maybe your family squabble, scheming and tipu menipu you can cover. If you want to divorce your wife for whatever reason….do so but provide for her nafkah and for your children needs after the divorce. Do not burden her with over 30 litigations : Civil, Criminal and Syariah : Litigations that would require money (which she does not have) to  defend herself. Litigations that have taken a terrible toll on her physical and mental health! Do not go after her family and burden them with litigations too for no other reasons then the fact that you have the financial means to trouble them so.

No I have not finish with you yet Faisal….

Not only have you done all of the above…but you seem to think that you can also swindle the government and the people of Malaysia out of many millions…maybe even hundred of millions of ringgits of tax revenue that is due to them through your tax rorts. Once LHDN comes after you, you will die standing! And let me tell you Faisal….what Sam the Sham have been doing all these years may be “magic” to the Naza group of companies,  but those LHDN guys are not amused. Magic or no magic, I think once they have got Sam by his balls, he will sing! Hell once you have got anybody by the balls, his heart and mind will soon follow. Sam the Sham aka Dato Samson Anand George, will not go down without taking Naza down with him.

Now what else? Oh yes…the main stream media are still not reporting on the Naza’s because their editors are all in your pocket! Sam the Sham have got that little black book that records all the naughty things they did with Sam the Sham while being entertained at Naza’s expense. Let me tell those editors and that guy from STAR…and all those media guys that terhutang budi to Naza…..once the government starts taking Naza apart…you guys are going to be taken apart too…so you better start to show some balls now and start reporting on what is going on in Naza, and what that Sam the Sham, his cronies, his relatives and  his Datuk friends from STAR and that Logistics company, have been doing to Naza.  

As far as steadyaku47 is concern….I have only one matalamt. Justice for Emilia and her children. Whatever gets in the way of that Justice process…I will try to overcome. I am sure Sam the Sham and the Naza boys have been trying to dig some dirt on me. Let me help them there. Dig deep enough into anybody’s life and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you will find some dirt to expose about them. The same goes with me….but I have not been back in K Hell for over a decade. Not only has the government change, but in that decade everything changes. There is nothing you can find in KL that will allow you to squeeze my balls to make me do what you want me to do…nothing. So stop looking.

Faisal, maybe you and your siblings have so far been able to keep your Puan Sri mother, away from all the mess you have created in your private lives and in Naza. Puan Sri may not know enough to operate a smart phone what more to surf the Net to find out for herself what you guys are up to…but are you sure you can keep her in the dark if Faisal is found guilty of Perjury and Domestic Violence? Do you think you can keep her ignorant if the government starts to do their “work” on Naza? You better think again boys…you better do.

Now what this Faisal guy has done in his personal life has begun to upset even his siblings because they no longer have Najib or BN to help keep everything this Faisal has done to Emila and his children hush hush. Giving Kia vehicles to PDRM will no longer keep PDRM from doing their investigation on Faisal for perjury and domestic violence. And of course that twit of an IGP, Khalid, is no longer around to instruct the police to do what you want them to do…look the other way and do nothing about your perjury or domestic violence case….and thank God for that! 

Is there now a rift among the Naza siblings because of Faisal sexual antics, his porn videos, sodomy, the millions he has spent on his girlfriends and mistress and the millions he has spent on legal fees pursuing his unneccessary vendetta against his ex-wife and her family? Of course there is. Faisal has already had most of his “responsibilities” in Naza taken away from him. If Faisal still has the powers, he will by now surely would have got rid of Sam the Sham. Just go read what Newsmalaysia wrote about Faisal. We know that Newsmalaysia takes instruction from Sam the Sham! 

I have got so much on you Naza boys and on what Sam the Sham and his gang of Datuk crooks have done to the Naza Group of Companies that I am having a hard time deciding what the Public should know first….but it is a problem I welcome because I love to write about Malaysians who are NOT doing the right things to other Malaysians and to the Kerajaan. 

And before I finish off this cakap cakap session…I would like to say Hello and Selamat Pagi to all the Naza Group of Companies staff, past and present, who read what I write. Just a word of advice to those who are still with Naza…if you are thinking of sending your CV’s to potential employers to seek employment outside Naza…do so very soon before LHDN cometh. And Miza (Armizah Ahmat) please make sure your Boss see this post.

And for all of you out there who read what I write…..thank you.Watch this space for more about Faisal, Sam the Sham and Naza. It is now 5.01 am…time for me to try and get some sleep before the day starts….but before I do that…I wish you all Selamat Pagi Malaysia!

Hundreds of thousands of RM spent by the Naza boys partying in Las Vegas….hosted by Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx … the guy who is mentioned numerous times in Billion Dollar Whale partying with Jho Low…..the  finance dept guys tells me that  as much as RM750k was spent there… partying with girls provided by some company and not normal escorts….girls like Ms. Arizona 2nd runner up.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuIjyMaRmY4]