Above is Rafae Yusof and then there is the support group…Yasser Awan and Nazman Yusof. Support group for what Sam? Do I spill the beans here for LHDN or will you tell them when LHDN bring you in to be interrogated? Of course the easy way is for LHDN to squeeze Rafae’s ball…and he will sing like a canary…will he not Sam…all those trips overseas etc etc. As I said earlier Sam…face me like a Man or else shut the f**k up and be like a tree. All you guys in NAZA know what I am talking about here…and soon, very soon, so will LHDn and you guys…so be patient. 

If you guys want to read the Newsmalaysia article about me…here is the link! Read and make your own mind up if what Newsmalaysia write about steadyaku47 is kosher. Understand this Sam and the NAZA Boys…..I don’t play play. When I hantam…I go all the way. Kapish?


Tony Gayondato…you are also sharing this Newsmalaysia post on your FB? Why? You have a death wish? As I told Joseph Raj…this is none of your business…stay out! What is happening between me, Faisal and Sam the Sham is also none of your business….so please do take the post down….and I am asking you nicely!


Oppss I just remembered that PDRM is already monitoring this blog because steadyaku47 have been banned a number of times by the previous BN government….aiyah all you guys mentioned in INSIDE NAZA will also now be “person of interest” to Bukit Aman!!! If you are innocent nothing to worry about…kalau ada buat salah….die lah!