As you guys know, many of you have been blocked from accessing steadyaku47 since yesterday and that “blocking” has progressively been widen to many more of our friends in Malaysia by today. Those being block from steadyaku47 are only you guys in Bolehland not our friends outside Malaysia.

It is not MCMC that is blocking you. I repeat…it is not MCMC that is blocking you guys from accessing steadyaku47. If MCMC is involved their Logo will come up every time you try and log into steadyaku47 and you will be informed that steadyaku47 has been blocked by MCMC.

Instead what has consistently turn up when you want to click onto my blog is Maxxis and Celcom’s logo. It is Maxxis and Celcom that is blocking you guys from reading what I write. Now the question that needs to be asked is simply this :


To those of you who know MCMC and Gobind Deo, can you please share this information with them so that they can do their own investigation on the matter. 

As to why Maxxis and Celcom are blocking you guys from steadyaku47 blog….hmmmm maybe the deep pockets of the Naza brothers might have something to do with it. Them Naza boys and Sam the Sham already got the Media guys from the editors down, by the balls (remember the little black book! I guess there are guys in Maxxis and Celcom who are also “terhutang budi” to Sam the Sham and the Naza brothers.  

Note : Tonight I will be working overtime writing another INSIDE NAZA story….kalau tak tidor pon takpa…but I am going to make sure that by tomorrow morning you guys will be reading something really “interesting” about Sam the Sham aka Songklap Sammie and the Naza boys….and other stories. All you guys in NAZA who are been helping them Sam the Sham with the Tax Fraud rorts…be afraid, be very afraid because you will be part of the story esok. Until tomorrow then….and please guys after you read this, please, cut and paste onto your blog and FB so that our friends who cannot get into steadyaku47 do know what is to come esok. Hidup Malaysia!