When you have money oozing out of every orifice within your own self what will catch your fancy?

John D. Rockefeller gave away US$540 million in his lifetime to medicine. His son, Junior, gave away over $537 million. Two generations of the family giving away over $1 billion from 1860 to 1960! Added to this, the New York Times declared in a report in November 2006 that David Rockefeller‘s total charitable benefactions amount to $900 million over his lifetime.

Bill & Melinda Gates founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) the largest private foundation in the world holding $50.7 billion in assets. The primary aims of the foundation are, globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and, in the U.S., to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology.

Now moving closer to home, Mr Sultan down South (Mr Sultan may be rich by the other Sultan’s standard but nowhere close to the Rockefeller or Bill Gates!!!)…this Mr Sultan has 300 cars and two planes…one plane for his “almost a Brigadier General” son and one for Mr Sultan. You go figure out how much keeping you own car on the road costs every month and multiply that by 300 (and some of the cars are kept in air conditioned garage!)….work that out and you will ask yourself what sort of an idiot will want to keep 300 cars in his garage! My answer to that….an idiot like Mr Sultan down South!

What about the NAZAs? What do they do with their money?

For starters Dato Wira Faisal bought this Red Sofa….nudge nudge wink wink….

To be used as a backdrop when he was doing this with HC.

That Red Sofa set costs RM125850 (One Hundred and twenty-five thousand and eight hundred and fifty ringgit!). RM125850 to be used as a backdrop for a BJ? Wooha!

Then he videotapes himself doing porn in HD… for what? Does he locks himself in his office or bedroom, power on his laptop and watch HC give him a BJ? And then what? Wanks himself silly while he is in the office or bedroom? Is this guy sick or what? Now Miza, you now know why Faisal sometimes do not want to be disturbed while he is in his office 😆 🙄 😳  

Then there is Nasaruddin….the one Puan Sri tells us Tan Sri wanted to take over as CEO of the Naza Group of Companies over the eldest Faisal. Nasarudin too have been a naughty boy! Nasarudin is married to Marion Cunter…..happy couple? NOT!

This randy Nasarudin got caught kissing Neelofa in a car at the Royale Chulan hotel carpark.

And….Songlap Sammie too got involved in this sordid sexcapade! How?

Nasarudin was feeing philanthropic and wanted to help Neelofa out with her “transportation” needs. I am not to sure what needs of Nasarudin that was not taken care of by his wife,  was taken care of by Neelofa for Nasarudin for Nasarudin to be so philanthropic to her…but I digress. Anyway, Nasarudin wanted a Peugeot to be registered under Neelofa’s name and Songlap Sammie was asked to do the deed. If you guys in Naza remember, Songlap Sammie was bitching about that to everyone he met, in and out of Naza. He was complaining that his boss, Nasarudin, was asking him to do the dirty deed. Soon the news of Neloofa and Nasarudin became public.

Now who did Nasarudin asked to handle the bad PR for him and Naza? Who else but Songlap Sammie lah, their man in charge of PR! Now tell me guys, is that not the work of a genius? Songlap Sammie broke the news about Nasarudin having an affair with Neelofa and then he gets asked by Nasarudin to hire a PR company to handle the bad press! The question that needs to be asked is simply this……did the PR company that Sam the Sham hired to do the PR work for Naza gave Sam any “commission/kick back” for the job he gave them on behalf of Naza? Of course only Sam the Sham can answer that. If and when he does, I will give him space on this blog to do so. Ok Sam? That is a promise.

Now there is the story of Diana…sister to the Naza boys A party girl through and through….once married and now divorced because it was rumoured that her husband was having an affair with a staff of Naza. Now she is back to her party self :

After their divorce, her ex husband was arrested in Bali for trying to smuggle drugs into Indonesia and he is still there in jail waiting trial.

Now they tell me to leave the dead alone…maaf…but all this sex going on in the Naza family must be in their genes! Faisal gets his kicks recording himself having sex with his girlfriends. Tan Sri also had his fun in those days when he was the man about town with hundreds of millions of ringgit oozing out of every orifice of his physical self! We all know that after his death, two other wives popped out to claim their share of the money that Tan Sri accumulated during his life time – and wife number two and wife number three got RM$300 million each….and that ain’t peanuts in any currency!

Now if Faisal likes doing porn and videoing himself doing it, what did Tan Sri do for entertainment in his time? Remember the old Shah Motel in PJ? Tan Sri and a group of friends that included that Arshad Motors guy, like to get a few Mat Rempits and Minah Current together in one of the rooms equipped with  a water-bed with mirrors on the ceilings.They would all sit around the bed and watch the action while the Mat Rempit and Minah Current do their thing…and Tan Sri and his friends would pay a few thousand dollars to Mat and Minah for entertaining them. Now those were the days before video’s…..and after the “show” what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This stupid Faisal records himself on video and got careless…and now those videos are in parts unknown to him. And maybe those parts unknown… may be…and I say may be…in Melbourne. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

Now I cannot end this without a final word on our favourite : Songlap Sammie! I see a smile on the faces of you guys in Naza! 😛 😆 ……so without more ado…here goes. This God-fearing, Anglican Church going Thambi is the Pimp In Chief at Naza! You don’t believe me? Well well well…go ask anyone who has been royally entertained by Songlap Sammie on his Naza issued unlimited entertainment credit card! Who knows where the are naked karaoke bars? Sammy does. Who knows where to get girls to “entertain” a whole bunch of Naza’s guest in one go? Sammy does. Who is the best person to entertain the Koreans when they are in town. Sammy is D man! Now whether he entertains himself too while entertaining others is not for me to say but nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

Enough for now.I still keep forgetting to edit the videos to post it here to share with you guys. Sorry lah…will try to do so in the next posting of INSIDE NAZA.