Guys in these last few days, I have already established, with names of companies and players within Naza under the direct command of Songlap Sammie aka Dato Samson Anand George, that Naza is involved in defrauding the Government out of hundreds of millions of taxation revenue by false invoicing. 

I am told by some new friends from within Naza, that steadyaku47 is required reading first thing in the morning for Naza staff so that they can high five each other when they meet at work and share the latest “INSIDE NAZA” stories! Their favourite is Songlap Sammie….or SS for short. While Naza’s staff are being kept amused by what I write I cannot say the same  of those higher ups in Naza….including Songlap Sammie and the Naza brothers.   

Sam the Sham AKA Siphoning Sammie (yep that is what SS also stands for!) suddenly woke up when his own butt got roasted. He went into panic mode and said that steadyaku47 was paid to hit him and that it was an attempt by me to blackmail him and Naza. Dey thambi WTF? You f**k your own self up when you took the low road to defraud the government out of all those tax revenues!

Can Samson prove me wrong by making a police report against me? What lah….can he invite Royal Malaysian Customs, MACC, LHDN and MITI to come in and scrutinise everything in Naza and prove there is NO FALSE INVOICES. No attempt at Tax Fraud?. Aiyah what would that report contain? Allegations of all the things he ACTUALLY DID! Surely even Songlap Sammie is not that stupid! So there will be no police report against steadyaku47.

He also threatened to report me to the Australian Cops. Dey Thambi in Australia if you make a false report tiada maaf for you lah. So don’t be a stupid idiot. 

So what did he do? What he does best lah…do PR for himself!

He put out a petty little FB site called NewsMalaysia on the 6th of April 2019 which hit out at me calling me a EUNUCH. But the joke is on Sam the Sham and his gang (SIDE NOTE TO PDRM – they do operate like an organised crime gang by the way) … his poor writer spelt it “ENUCH”….aiyah kasi malu Sam aja lah! Soon Sam’s kaki, Dita Puspawathy and Tony Gayondato were sharing the Newsmalaysia site on their personal Facebook feeds and sending it to everyone they knew. And….Sam the Sham’s longtime brother-in-arms and now employer of his nephew Justin Paul Samson via KMW Auto Sdn Bhd, Joseph Raj a/l Sathiaraj, also shared it on his Facebook wall.

Long story short, I confronted Tony and Joseph. They blocked me and took their FB private. Mission accomplished…now that Newsmalaysia story is only shared among their own kind….the dregs of society!

On Sunday, 7th April 2019 Sam the Sham took a break from Facebook and Twitter.  He surrendered and vamoosed. Now guys don’t call Sam a coward for running away from social media. Don’t blame him too much. The heat from Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai and that Dato’ Michael Tio could not have been a pleasurable experience for Sam.

But Siphoning Sam was not done yet.

After days and days of making calls, sending messages and having meetings about this 72 year old blogger in Melbourne aka steadyaku47 … Sam the Sham hatched a diabolical plot. He would shut me up by blocking my blog! Yes you guys had issues logging on and Sam the Sham triumphantly told all his machais and friends that the evil old 72 year old pensioner (me lah!) in Melbourne had been cornered and neutered. Maybe for tonight I am….wait until this post gets out esok! Meantime I am told that MCMC have started to question why those telcos are doing Sam’s bidding by blocking this blog. Why indeed! We wait and see what Gobind Deo and his boys will do!

I have enough material from within Naza for probably another score of stories to tell about you Sam. Your staff, friends, dealers, former dealers, media pals,government servants, classmates and coursemates all have something to say about you. Not good things but bad things…but I want my focus to be on how you evaded Customs & Excise Duties to the tune of hundreds of millions which should rightfully have gone into the coffers of the Malaysian Government to be spent on programs to benefit the public.

One other interesting story about Songlap Sammie.

We need to go back a bit in time…to 2008. Tan Sri Nasimuddin had just passed away and Puan Sri Zaleha told everybody that Tan Sri wishes was to have SM Nasarudin, the 2nd son as CEO of Naza. Our “favourite” porn star, Dato Wira Faisal was the eldest son but he was sidelined.

Who went running to Bukit Tunku to get Puan Sri Zaleha to sign a letter proclaiming that the 25 year old Nasarudin was the CEO “in accordance with Tan Sri Nasimuddins wishes?” Of course Songlap Sammie! Why? Was he in cahoots with Nasarudin and “interested parties” to put Nasarudin as head honcho of Naza? Let us see if Sam can come up with something convincing as to why it he was involved in a strictly family matter…and I sure would like to know what our Dato Wira Faisal must have been thinking when all this was happening!

The press release dated 16th May 2008 that Songlap Sammie crafted and disseminated among his media friends read : ,

SM Nasarudin Picked By Late Father To Head NAZA Group

SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, the second son of the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin, has been appointed the NAZA Group of Companies chief executive officer in line with his father’s wishes. SM Nasarudin will assume the post of the group’s executive chairman.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 (Bernama) — SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, the second son of the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin, has been appointed the NAZA Group of Companies chief executive officer in line with his father’s wishes. 

In addition, SM Nasarudin will assume the post of the group’s executive chairman, the widow of the late tycoon, Puan Sri Zaleha Ismail, said in a two-paragraph statement issued here Friday. 

“The family of (the late) Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin is pleased to announce that following his wishes, SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin has been appointed to succeed (him) as Group Executive Chairman and CEO of the NAZA Group of Companies.

“SM Nasarudin’s appointment will take effect immediately,” she said. 


Was Puan Sri Zaleha fully aware of what she was doing? Your guess will be as good as mine but one thing we know for sure. While Tan Sri was alive Songlap Sammie was just a bit more important than the Office Boy in Naza. After Tan Sri’s untimely passing, he rose very rapidly to become the head of Auto in Naza. Enough said. 

Now let me address reality. I would suggest that every Naza staff, including the invoice silap mata specialists Rafae Yusof at Nasim Sdn Bhd and Mohd Noor Kamisan who is Head of Operation – CKD, PDI and Distribution at NAZA Auto Sdn Bhd….all of you better think about your own self and your own future first before Naza. It is time for you Naza staff to come clean and confess to the Royal Malaysian Customs about all the tax evasion, customs and excise duty evasion done by Naza and masterminded by Songlap Sam. And then maybe, just maybe, you might get in exchange some leniency and immunity from prosecution for doing so. 

Let me tell you why you should do so…

Songlap Sam has made one fatal error in all the silap mata magic he has done for Naza.  

The invoices are fraudulent. For PSA Peugeot Citroen, I know the signatory is a person unrelated to export invoicing. Yes I have his name and I suggest our Customs guy go interview him in France and show him the invoices he was supposedly to have signed. He will say that those invoices that Naza handed over to Malaysian Customs are not the invoices he signed.

And one other thing…why don’t you Customs guys examine every invoice submitted by Naza.  You will find that every invoice is signed by a rocksteady hand that signs the signature the exact same way every single time. That is because they are forged. Do your duty guys. Go and arrest Songlap Sam before he packs his bags and leaves the country.

More to come. It is 1.49 am and I am tired and need my sleep.