In the fullness of time, we will often realise that what we want for ourselves, what we wish for others and what we feel should really be, are of no consequence to the realities that will finally prevail. This I have found to be true time and time again so much so that at 72 years old, I am at times resigned and accepting of what goes on around me to the extent that I have no difficulty to being silent, quiet and passive to the goings on around me.

And yet there have been times when I have said to myself, if you will not do something to make right what is wrong, then who will? There have been times when not only will I act to make right what I think is wrong, but  will rally the troops, raise the flag and if need be, lead the charge to make good what is bad, make right what is wrong and if need be, I will by myself, pit my physical and mental self against anyone and anything that dares to upend the order and structure of things in this world that I have grown to love and cherish in the 72 years of my life.   

Such a time is now. What is wrong is what is happening to Emilia and her children. What I, you and many others should do is to stand with her and her children against the tyranny of money that her ex husband have decided he will use to make her and her children life a living hell and in doing so, he hopes he will triumph in his evil intent to do physical, mental and financial harm to Emilia.

No no no…I am not consumed by any personal vendetta against Faisal or Naza.  I do not know Faisal  nor have I even step into any business premise of any of the Naza group of Companies….but this much I know. The numerous vexing and frivolous litigations in which Faisal is the plaintiff and Emilia the defendant, has been made possible with money from Naza. The physical and mental harm wrecked upon Emilia is by Faisal….and all this have gone on for far too long….three long years! Three long years that Emilia has had to endure because her ex husband and what wealth the Naza family still has left, has conspired to make it all possible. 

And so two months ago….two months ago when I still had my dear wife with me…..two months ago I wrote my first article on Emilia and this is how I started….   

EMILIA…Above are some of the images we will revisit in detail in the coming days as we take an in depth look at the life and divorce of one rich and famous couple of Bolehland : DatuK Wira SM Faisal Nasimuddin and Emilia Hanafi.

Today, over two months later, my dear wife is no more….her weak and frail physical self could no longer fight the Dementia that was consuming her. It is now 3 am on this Friday morning, and thoughts of my dear wife keeps me awake. And in between these thoughts about my dear wife and the life we lived together for over half a century, there are also thoughts of what I now want to do with what life I still have to live. I will live what is left of it for my children and for myself. Live is as I and my dear wife would want it to be lived. 

And I must not also forget that the fight for Emilia and her children is still unfinished.

And so three weeks after my dear wife left me, I begin again where I left off, bouta Emilia and her children. 

To all of you who have been there for me in this fight…thank you….but remember…we are not done yet. Please stay the course until justice is done for her and her children. 

Two days ago “they” block my blog. And having block my blog “they” thought they have triumphed and gloated to all who would listen to them…that that old blogger in Melbourne has been neutered and done for. Now that the telcos will block you guys in Bolehland from accessing steadyaku47, I will be silenced and our fight for Emilia is over.

Huh!…..that night we…as in M and me…more M than me….we did not sleep.  M did what he had to do to open two….even three sites on the Internet as an alternate options where you all can still read my post on Emilia even if steadyaku47 has been blocked! We were now taking our fight for Emila and her children to Faisal and Naza! And you guys were still with us in this fight.

Today….two days later….I can say that more of you out there are reading what I write about Emilia than before I was blocked by “them”. All that I must now continue to do is write and you guys will read and can read what I write….block or no block! So f**k them and their money!

Enough said.