5.12 pm Saturday.

Hi Guys…I am putting my brain in neutral. Let us cakap cakap a bit. Late last night…late is after 1am ….one of our “friends” told me to “get a life” and stop writing about matters that is of no concern to me….especially matters in Malaysia where I have not “balek” in the last ten years! Wooha…that was a cheap shot! What makes the guy think that things happening in Malaysia is of no concern to me? I worry about Julian Assange getting arrested in UK. I want to know who really won the election in Israel and I want to see if Modi will be win again in India….so why should I not want to know what is happening in my Tanah Air? But trying to explain that to that guy will be a waste of time…he must still be living under the tempurung. We guys who can think, will concern ourselves with any part of the world where evil triumphs over good and where wrong is right and where corrupt politicians think that stealing is ok if you are not caught!

Anyway…First I want to tell you guys that I miss my dear wife terribly. I am still trying to figure out why she has left me alone in my old age and much too often I keep asking her that question over and over again. “Why have you left me?” I spend many hours on my keyboard hoping that I will get so tired that by the time I go to bed, I will sleep through the night…but it never happens. I keep waking up every few hours as I use to do, to check on my dear wife when she was still with me….such is life.

I have yet to start cooking a decent meal for myself…just no mood to do so. So I buy food from the places around me and eat when I get hungry. Not healthy ma! And I drink a lot of Short Blacks. Lots. And I write. Working on the Emilia story has kept me occupied and mentally focussed these last few weeks. I want to thank you guys for sending me all those stories about Naza and the goings on in there. I check those stories with sources I trust in Naza before I share them with you all. Another gem came in this morning…one of the guys in Naza told me that their coffee machine has been taken away by Naza’s management as a cost saving excecise…but the senior guys still have their tea lady to serve them tea or coffee in their office! That was easy to verify…and it shows what management think of their staff. Oppss I am writing about Naza again…sorry guys.

The cockroaches, aka Mr Sultan down South and his dick head of a son, has started to bising again. The Brigadier General (never mind lah we just call him that to make him feel important. He is too dumb and full of himself to know that I am making fun of him)….the Brigadier General said the other day that he is ready to defend himself following Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s remark that action will be taken against anyone who makes seditious remarks. “If I have to go down defending the constitution, the Malay rulers and Islam. By all means. You know where to find me,” he tweeted. Yes lah General Dickhead, I know where to find you! You will be in the same place that Tan Sri Shafeee had to look to find evidence when he prosecuted Anwar for Sodomy…in Saiful’s anus!

These two dickheads are really full of themselves. Don’t they love playing soldiers! Look at their f**king face…so serious ma.  

Sorry guys that I have not written too much on current affairs back in Bolehland. I am still trying to adjust to the realities of being alone and I find that even writing about Emilia is sometimes more that what I can handle. What more if I begin to get my head around the other things happening in K Hell. So please excuse my decision to just focus on Emilia for now….and once in a while, I try to write about something else. 

Okay guys enough for now. Almost 7 pm now and I have to start thinking about dinner…either McDonalds or a plate of Wat Tan Hor from Blue Chilis …the Malaysian Restaurant nearby. I am so grateful that my son  is with me to keep me steady and my daughter in Canada too keep in touch to check how I am. Thanks for reading what I write …and for those of you in Bangsar…if you are getting some Nasi Briayani from Mahboobs tonight…think of me. That is one of the things I miss about K Hell. Hidup Malaysia!