Soon, one by one, the Family you see up there…one by one I will tear them apart! One by one I will tell you why they are NOT an inspiration to NAZA, to the Malays, to any Malaysians…and most of all, to themselves. One by one, when I am finish with them, they should go hide themselves somewhere, repent and ask ALLAH for forgiveness for the sordid values they uphold, for how they live their lives, and for what they hide from us all. Each and every one of them are living in denial. These are the dregs of society…and only their money…and it is not even money that they have earned…it is Tan Sri’s money….it is only that money that have kept them afloat.

And I will do all this why? One word. EMILIA! Justice for Emilia and her children.

These past few weeks I have begun to realised that domestic violence, porn, perjury, sodomy and the suffering they inflict upon others is of no concern to this family. Only two things they do care about…jangan dimalukan and money. They must maintain their family image whose values, so they say, are an inspiration….and they must have their wealth!

So if what I write in these past two months about how Faisal lived his life is of no concern to them, then let us see if there will be concern when I write about their family image. And I will start with the dead…Tan Sri Nasimuddin. Tan Sri and RA…and somewhere in that mix, is Songlap Sammy.

Watch this space!   

Meanwhile…have a nice weekend…what is left of it!