Selamat Pagi Malaysia! 

These last few days I have studiously kept away from the short black that has been my usual morning “pick me up”  to start my day. My mind is in neutral. My thoughts meandering in and out of times long past, the present and the possible future. A time for reflection. A time I needed for myself. In times like this, a Short Black is no help for what it does is to turbo charged me into the present and the things I needed to do to make the present relevant…like write. And write is what I have not done for close to a week now.

All you guys out there who blog will know what I am trying to say here…time out, chill…writer’s block….call it what you will…simply said….I need time for myself….and to be with my dear wife. Yesterday I needed to talk to her and be with her and that I did. Took the long drive to go sit beside her grave and told her how things are in my world these last few weeks since she left…..and then it is back to the real world for me….and on the drive back to Fitzroy I know that life goes on and I struggle to bring myself back into the world of the living…to live my life out until I am with my dear wife again.

For now life goes on. Emilia is still a work in progress. The situation in KL still needs to be looked into, understood and commented upon. There are a commitments I have made to some of you that I have still to follow through. Write about things you wanted me to write about. Do things I should have done in a timely manner and really I need to get back into blogging as I use to do in the past….write about many things…not just about Emilia. Yes guys, you do not need to remind me of my failings….I do enough thinking to know what I do right and what I do wrong. For now I simply do not have the ability to focus on too many things at the same time. For now it has to be Emilia. Please bear with me….but each day I get stronger mentally and physically. 

Ok guys enough about myself! Have a good weekend and be nice to each other.