Group CEO of NAZA Automotive Group, Dato’ Samson Anand George.


Comments by KIA customers!

This is the worse service ever!!!  I have bought my car less than a year….yet no parts!! Its a new car and it’s impossible for no part.

….Below is my 4th letter to Naza Kia Management : ….- Air conditioning failed – Sent to service center in Old Klang Road.- A problem with the compressor was identified.- Told to resend vehicle to main service center as it would be difficult for them to file for claims.- Re-sent said vehicle to Puchong Naza Kia Service Center.- Car inspected for over 3 hours and was told that which we already know (note problem above).- Car returned to us dirty and with hand prints all over.- An official complaint was lodged and when asked how long this matter will take to resolve, your SA replied “1 week, 2 weeks, maybe more, I don’t know”…..After 1 and a 1/2 months of waiting, the part arrived…Not only was I not compensated in any way. I was treated with the least priority and zero apology from any of your service staff. Collected the car at 6pm but to my horror, not the slightest bit of improvement! – Two technicians checked it out and agreed that nothing has changed although the entire compressor was changed! – I was again told to drive home and bring the car back another day for a check up! BRAND NEW CAR. HOT AIR CONDITIONING. SLOW, INDIFFERENT AND INEFFICIENT SERVICE. NO ASSURANCE, NO COMPENSATION OF ANY SORT DESPITE LOST OF TIME, SWEAT, SLEEP AND MONEY. PROBLEM STILL UNSOLVED AFTER 2 MONTHS. KIA, THE POWER TO SURPRISE!

This is our 2nd submission for the complaint because we are not getting any response from the company.We were over-promised by the sales agent & the team. We were told by the sales agent that the vehicle will only reserve for us after it is registered under our name.. Which means after we placed the booking, we will not guarantee to own the vehicle if the supply is far below the demand. Toward the end of the event, we were told that they have total of 19 sales agent and there was only 1 unit for their customer, which mean, if all of them have 1 customer to get the vehicle, 18 of them are over-promised on the vehicle. Again, which mean only 1 of 18 will get his car after placing a booking.


Above are three comments made by KIA customers to NAZA KIA Customer Care Service. Do read below other comments made and decide for yourself if you will buy a KIA the next time you think of getting yourself a new car. Fifty two complaints and one one resolveD !!! Ajaib tapi benar!

Naza Kia Malaysia Customer Care Service

Complaints 52
Pending 0
Resolved 1

Naza Kia Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

7th Floor, Menara Naza, Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kampung Baru
Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia – 50300




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