I cannot even begin to describe the loathing I feel towards this despicable sad excuse of a human being who shot a helpless monkey for no other reason than because he can! I can only ask that all of you, who have it within your hearts some sense of decency and pity for that helpless monkey…I ask that all of you do all that you can to find this despicable human being….. take him to the authorities….. and have the authorities subject him to what is his due for such a cruel and inhuman act. 

If….and I say this with conviction and with much a forethought…….if he is caught by vigilantes who are angered by his cruel act and want to inflict upon him their own brand of justice….which may or may not include beating him senseless and possibly to near death…then…. I only have this to say to those vigilantes…go ahead….make my day!     

FYI…the gun being used is a Glock 19 Gen-4. I have a feeling that kid has a license for it’s use or his father or family member has one! Who is the officer in charge of Perlesenan in Bukit Aman? If my sources is right, it is a “SHE” and “SHE” has been there since she was an ASP and now she is a SAC. She has been giving licences to Towkays! She has been giving licenses to Ah Longs who have been to prison. Giving guns to those who have been put under restricted residence! So many complaints but yet she’s is still there and been getting promotion after promotion. I remember during the time of that Twit of an IGP (Khalid) …when people wanted to get firearms they have to deal with one of Khalid’s brother or machai in order to get the license….aisehman PDRM….throw this bitch into Sungai Buloh lah!