In the coming days and weeks, my focus will be on this guy ….a celebrity of sorts. I will tell you all what I know of his public, private and other “not so known” lives that he has been leading from the time I first heard the name “Jason Lo”. If you have your own story to tell about Jason…good or bad…sordid or not….sexual or not….whatever you think you can share with us all….please forward it to me and we will decide together if we can share same with our friends out there in Bolehland and elsewhere. 

What story do I have to tell of this guy? Read the story in Star that came out a few days after I posted my first story in Jason on my blog :

that will give you an idea in what direction I am heading. This guy has friends in high places in the then Barisan Nasional Government and in the Commercial World. This was during those days when “who you know” protects you from all the authorities in Malaysia : PDRM and the Legal System included. Hopefully things are now different with Pakatan Harapan in government. But even now “Money still Talks”. Not in whispers but at times loudly, very loudly. And so we begin….The Jason Lo story….Warts and All.