Why does religion fail so miserably? 
Because there is no return on investment. 
It is as simple as that.  

Our entire human existence depends on how we use two things – our time and resources – to generate goods, products and services that can sustain human life. 

The farmer goes to the fields and spends hours cultivating the land because he knows that after a certain amount of time and effort he will be able to reap the harvest and feed himself, his family and maybe have some left over to trade for other goods or money.

The same thing with the factory owner and factory worker who goes to the factory and knows that after spending a certain amount of time and effort they will be able to produce some useful product which they can sell to the people and earn money in return. Money that can be used to buy food, clothes, put a roof over their heads etc.

Or an accountant, doctor,  carpenter, shop keeper etc.

There is a real return on their investment of time and other resources. The things they do generate a real return which improves their lives immediately.

Religion produces nothing real or tangible. 
  • Even if you put together ALL the prayer of ALL the religions in the entire world they cannot feed even one hungry child.  
  • What they can provide is a promise that one day in the distant future the child will make it to heaven and enjoy everlasting happiness.  

That is all religion can do.

So how has religion survived for so long?  Again the answer is simple. Through the use of fear (you will burn in hell), the use of force (apostates should be killed), through the use of coercion (when you die you will not be allowed to be buried in our graveyard) and other such simple and predictable threats. 

Plus the lack of a real education.  A real education means an education that makes you think and ask questions. To question the priests and the shamans.

Religious seminaries and religious schools require their cadre to study for years and years before they pass out as priests, shamans etc.  Some of this study is laborious. But it is NOT intelligent at all. There is little use of intelligence.

Their entire study of religion can be defeated and totally thrown into confusion by just one simple three letter word : WHY.

Just ask them WHY for whatever they say.
And keep asking them WHY for whatever answers they give. 
WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? 

After a few rounds of asking WHY, they will give up.

In HG Wells famous sci-fi movie the War of the Worlds (produced in 1953), nothing could defeat the invading aliens. They were invincible.  Then the aliens suddenly fell down and died. They were killed by simple bacteria in the air.  It proved (to the aliens) that they did not belong on the earth.

The simple three letter word WHY is that  bacteria in the air which will kill off all religion. 
WHY is the mightiest religion killer.  So do ask WHY. The next time you meet a holy person and they say something to you, politely ask them WHY?

For whatever answer they give, ask them again WHY?
And again. And again.

Your life will become better and better.  
And you will frighten the crap out of the religious fellows.

Happy Sunday.