Sudan has already split into two countries ie Sudan and South Sudan. 

South Sudan is majority Christian and animist. This means they are saved – or have a better future.

The remaining Sudan is muslim majority ie sunni and salafi. 
So now they have begun to fight. 
This fight inside muslim majority north Sudan can become a civil war.

Here is some news from the Soufan Center:


Bottom Line Up Front:

protesters gunned down Mon by security forces in Khartoum
thirteen killed and approximately 200 injured

Concerned about democracy spreading beyond Sudan
Saudi and Emirates working to elevate their power brokers
including notorious war criminals accused of genocide

clear parallels to Arab Spring protests 
military firing at civilians galvanized broader uprising

security forces blocking ambulances from responding 
security forces opened fire near hospital  

Sudanese strongman Omar al-Bashir ousted in April 
after nearly three decades in power

progress stalled, talks breaking down 
Concerned about protests spreading beyond Sudan’s borders
Saudi and UAE working behind scenes 
to position their own preferred power brokers

U.S. condemned crackdown on protesters 
called for transfer of power to civilian 

Saudis and UAE providing support to military leaders 
including notorious commander of  Rapid Support Forces 
Gen. Mohamed Hamdan known as ‘Hemeti,’ 
In 2009, Hamdan indicted by  International Criminal Court for genocide

role in notorious Janjaweed militia in Darfur
backing of Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman 
and Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi 

bin Salman and bin Zayed offered Sudan US$3b in April
also weapons and equipment 

clear parallels to Arab Spring protests 
eventually progressed to full-blown insurgencies

indiscriminate shelling of civilians galvanized broader uprising

Sudan’s military long been linked to Islamists, dating to Hassan al-Turabi

internal divisions, fissres in Sudan
could spiral into full-blown civil war

My comments :  Another Muslim Brotherhood shithole falls deeper into the shithole. There is another uprising going on in Sudan. 

The protests in Sudan have been going on for months now. Their 35 years in power president was kicked out in April 2019. Still the protests have not gone down. The people of Sudan do not just want to throw out one or two generals, they want a total change in the system of their country.


But the salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood etc all have their fingers stuck in Sudan’s ass.

The Saudi Arabians, UAE, Abu Dhabi etc are afraid that another Arab Spring may take place in Sudan and then start spreading to their countries – with the Arab people demanding for real FREEDOM – freedom from their false religion.  

So Saudi Arabia and UAE are doing the wrong things again. They have given US$3 billion to war criminals to make sure the status quo in Sudan does not change.

These are shithole countries. They are doomed.

The cheapest, most cost effective solution is get rid of Saudi Arabia. 
If they get rid of Saudi Arabia the entire Islamic world will calm down. 
That is the more sensible and the more profitable option.