I received the following from three people ie En Ahmad Sahamin, Mr Rajindar and Mr Thinakaran. Thank you.

This is in response to the unnecessary hoo haa over the recent “buka puasa” event at the Sikh Gurdwara.  Here is Mr Rajindar :

1.  Dear Tuan Syed,

The opening of fast in Gurdwara (House of God) has drawn comments from  politicians and also by royalty. This shows lack of knowledge about Sikhs and other faiths among some Malaysians.

Food in gurdwaras has been prepared to feed the people since the time of Guru Nanak who said that whoever came to listen to his discourses should not go back hungry. This has been carried on till today in all Gurdwaras all over the world. 

The Golden Temple in Amritsar feeds approximately 100,000 people of all ehnic origins and religious faiths. Bangla Sahib Gurdwara one of the many Gurdwaras in New Delhi feeds about 30,000 people daily. Just imagine how many people are fed throughout India.  An example is the main Gurdwara in Penang – lunch is prepared and kept in the dining hall so that any devotee or hungry person is welcome to feed himself.

As for praying in gurdwaras no one will stop you if you cover your head and do not disturb other devotees. On the 23rd of May in Malacca a very large gathering of Sikhs was held to commemorate the death anniversary  of  Sant Sohan Singh a religious person who resided in Malacca.  On that day a Muslim person can be seen performing Namaz in the Gurdwara. Was his faith in Islam shaken?

Only people who are not strong in their faith will make a lot of noise.  I have many Indian Muslim friends. They have never tried  proselytising me and vice versa. If you are strong in your faith you have nothing to fear.


And here is Mr Thinakaran Retnam

2.  Dear Tuan Syed,

I am a Hindu but I have very high respect for Islam. I studied Islamic History in form six and Islamic law in University Malaya when I did my Bachelor of Jurisprudence. Many thanks for your highly thought provoking articles day in and day out. I am grateful that you have spent hundreds of hours writing to educate the general public. I am sad that the political scenario in the country is getting more and more toxic especially in respect to race and religious matters. 

I access your blog several times everyday with the hope that new articles will be uploaded.  I would appreciate if you could kindly write something about the rebuke by the Johor Sultan on the breaking of fast by MP YB Akmal at the Gurdwara Hall in Johor. 

I am glad that YB Mujahid Rawa (great admirer of Zakir Naik) has expressed his support for YB Akmal. I believe the Sultan (and his son) are playing politics by using religion.

Have a good day ahead and Selamat Hari Raya in advance to you and your family.

My comments :  Thank you again Mr Rajindar and Mr Thinakumar.  Thank you for reading the blog and also for taking the time to send me your comments.

Here is some other news sent to me by another reader Ahmad S. Sahamin  (terima kasih banyak)  which talks about Muslims in London, UK – led by the Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – having the buka puasa at London’s famous Saint Paul’s Cathedral. 

As you can see and read in the picture below, even an Imam is present at this buka puasa hosted at the St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

3.  Buka puasa at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Then here is Free Malaysia Today with the news that over in Abu Dhabi another christian church hosted a buka puasa event for Muslims, including the Maghrib prayer inside the church area headed by a local Imam.

Here is the news clip:

So among other Muslims (living in the UK, in Abu Dhabi etc) they seem to be easy and relaxed with buka puasa in churches and other places. It seems to be no big deal.

Now here is another video of the Arabs with their famous Arabian pedigree dog the Saluki (pronounced Saloogi).


Again you can see that other Muslims around the world, including Arabs, do not seem to have problems with dogs.

But in Malaysia the local flavour of religion is always different. 
Or they are becoming more different.

Buka puasa in churches and gurdwaras tak boleh.
Bela anjing tak boleh.
Tak boleh, tak boleh, tak boleh.

Obviously in Malaysia, some of the local Muslims seem to think of themselves as more Muslim than even the Arabs.

Sudah lebih Islam daripada orang Arab.

Atau sudah jadi lebih arab daripada orang Arab.

Atau lebih sudu daripada kuah.


This is the Mazhab Baru ‘Malaya’.

Unique largely to “Malaya” only, not even found in Sabah or Sarawak.