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Does your primary schoolchild have difficulty learning science? Would you like to address the problem? Free sessions in November. Read on…

The catalyst for change was fulfilled on 9 May. In order to rebuild Malaysia, we have to muster the courage to move forwards and strengthen the bonds between the various people. Education is key. After [...]

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Why is the car with heavily tinted windows often used as an office to hand over donations, discuss by-elections and lessons? What’s wrong with internet banking, a smartphone or an office?

Why is the car a favourite place to do business or to discuss or to hand over donations? In 2015, a Datin was caught with her lover inside a car in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala [...]

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The MACC is looking for Najib’s former “PR man” Paul Stadlen, in connection with 1MDB. Do you know where he is? Errr… BTW, why has Stadlen “permanent resident” status?

At the height of his power, the disgraced, former PM, Najib Abdul Razak employed a British citizen called Paul Stadlen as his public relations and press operations chief. Stadlen was the head of Apco Malaysia [...]

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The Perak government is more interested in making Muslim men sexually satisfied, than it is in true governance, or helping single mothers

When politicians have sex on the brain, all they think about it making is easier for other men to marry. The FMT report said that the Perak government may amend Section 23 of the Islamic [...]

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Compare, contrast and be horrified. One tries to make himself understood. The other is very clear, in her bully tactics. A chip of the old block perhaps?

  The videos are not mine. They are freely available on YouTube. One message at the United Nations, was garbled and incoherent.  The second is a threat to Malaysians. Both videos takde class. What is [...]

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Stop exploiting children for political gain

Nurulhidayah Zahid (L) The controversy started when Nurulhidayah, daughter of former Deputy prime minister and current Umno-Baru president, Zahid Hamidi, uploaded a 28-second video clip of her nine-year-old daughter, Sophee, onto her Instagram account. The [...]

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by E.S. ShankarEx-PM Najib and Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi appear to be saying that because many got away with daylight robbery under Mahathir's 22-year Ketuanist Bumiputra era, they too should be allowed to go away [...]

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