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After one year, how would you rate the performance of the Perak MB? A maintenance contract given to a company with no manpower, trampling on the rights of the Orang Asli at Cunex, keeping the MAPS white elephant, & more.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, may have rated his Cabinet “five out of 10”, almost a year after the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition came to power. If you had the chance to rate the [...]

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Is the azan (call to prayer) very loud? Please respond especially if you live in the Jalan Kolam Air area of JB.

Today, we read the news report that a 23-year-old man had stabbed someone in a mosque, because he was unhappy with the victim for using the loudspeaker when reading the Quran. Two other worshippers witnessed [...]

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Thank you Najib for visiting Sandakan (next time bring FLOM)…Your visit helped DAP’s Vivian Wong win the by-election…Pakatan is on the up again!

Congratulations to DAP’s Vivian Wong!  …and to disgraced Najib Abdul Razak, a big thank you for visiting Sandakan. I am sorry I told you off on my Facebook page, for visiting Sandakan.  Your visit helped [...]

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Islamists and the Deep State

Foreign Minister, Saifuddin Abdullah  There have been many references to the ‘deep state’ in recent weeks since it was first brought up by Saifuddin Abdullah (foreign minister). Previous to that, while the term was not [...]

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Harussani Zakaria…You complained about the sofa seats in cinemas because they will make people beromen. Wait till you see the latest cinema beds.

The last time we heard (2013), the Perak mufti, Harussani Zakaria, said that cinemas should not be allowed to have sofa seats  because people will only go there to beromen. He wanted the Perak state [...]

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The good and the bad of Pakatan Harapan’s first year in power. Are you happy, displeased or impatient with the progress made?

The good news is that we have seen waves of arrests, including Datuks, senior civil servants and corporate executives, for alleged corruption. The bad news is the claim that support for Pakatan Harapan is diminishing. [...]

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Real men do NOT cane their daughters. Perfect fathers do NOT boast (on Instagram) about using physical violence on their children. Who does Aliff Syukri think he is?

Some Malaysian parents have the bad habit of exploiting their children to express their anger, or to promote an indefensible behaviour. The irresponsible parents range from daughters of politicians, to the latest instagram clip, of [...]

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Malaysia is the Tong Sampah of the world. The Australians do NOT want Lynas’ radioactive waste; so how on earth did disgraced Najib approve this project? Heads MUST roll.

The headline says it all. Western Australia’s Mines, Petroleum, Energy and Industrial Relations Minister, Bill Johnston, has refused to take back the radioactive waste produced at Lynas’ rare earth processing plant in Gebeng, Kuantan. For [...]

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Islam in Malaysia is Regressing

Yin urges our religious leaders to sow seeds of harmony and interfaith acceptance instead of sowing seeds of discord. Yin: Race and Religion are the two main stumbling blocks to our nation’s unity; peace and prosperity. [...]

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Cotton wool wrap for Malays, barbed wire for non-Muslims

Anyone who wants to enter the political arena must understand that they will be subject to intense questioning and live in a gold-fish bowl. Politics is not for the faint-hearted. Becoming a politician is not [...]

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A message from Kee Thuan Chye, the author of “The People’s Victory”. He needs your vote, if you think he deserves it. Read on below.

Me: If you think Kee’s book, The People’s Victory, deserves to win this year (see below), please vote for him. 9 May 2018. The day Malaysia said, “We have had enough.” The day Malaysians had [...]

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Is Institutional Islam Failing The Malays?

Yin asks, “Will the ulamas reflect if  they are part of the problem for the social ills among the Malays?…” Yin: I have been told that there is a Muslim/Malay divorce every 10 minutes. Every [...]

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Will the four intellectually dishonest professors, dubbed the “kangkung professors” come out of hiding and explain themselves, and more importantly apologise to the nation for misleading the royals, and for provoking the bigots in society.

Mendacious and disingenuous. This is how we can describe the four academics, who convinced the Conference of Rulers to reject the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The forum held at Universiti Malaya, which [...]

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Letter: A consultant in Social Services comments on the Shahidan Kassim case & says, “It is a glaring case of possible injustice at best and a perpetrator getting off ‘scot-free’ at worse…”

I refer to the news report that Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, a former Government Minister who was facing molest charges against a 15-year-old girl  received a discharge, not amounting to an acquittal, because the complainant [...]

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