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Is Azizah fighting a rearguard action (ahem!!) to deflect from Anwar what is sure to come before/during/or after this manifesto prime minister is about to take office/is taking office/or after he takes office? Delete which [...]

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Mr Sultan, Tun Mahathir Kata…”GAME ON!”

Aku dah cakap dulu….Mr Sultan down South must be taught a lesson. This descendent of murderers, thieves and bullies have too long run amok not only over Bangsa Johor but also any others they deem [...]

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Malaysia My 2nd Home Program Extended To Terrorists From Islamic Countries

        Police detain 5 (3 foreigners) for terrorist activities in S'gor, KL, Perak, Sabah IGP said suspects detained by Special Branch (E8) from Oct 13 to 26   50-yr-old Egyptian, executive manager [...]

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cakap cakap : Malay politicians from Umno joining other Malays in PPBM.

Datuk A Kadir Jasin - October 27, 2018 : JOHOR BAHRU: A total of 40 Umno members of parliament nationwide could leave the party to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) soon, says PPBM Supreme Council member Datuk [...]

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Ahmad Ghiti and Me on Anwar Ibrahim.

"Blogger Hussein has singled me out as an unwanted intruder to his blogging peace when I questioned the veracity of some of his insidious and virulently anti Anwar commentaries".....that was the comment that Ahmad Ghiti [...]

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