UMAR MUKHTAR : Of Felda, Eagle High, Peter Sondakh and Kepit Man.

PETER SONDAKH DIDN’T CON NAJIB RAZAK ON SALE OF 37% OF EAGLE HIGH PLANTATIONS TO FELDA; THEY BOTH CONNED FELDA TOGETHER? If you believe that the proceeds by FGV for the overpriced sale of 37% [...]

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INSIDE NAZA : Songlap Sammie wets himself!

Guys in these last few days, I have already established, with names of companies and players within Naza under the direct command of Songlap Sammie aka Dato Samson Anand George, that Naza is involved in [...]

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FELDA : Loss RM10 Billion. Bank Borrowings : RM12 Billion.

E.S. Shankar FELDA RM15-20 BAILOUT EXPECTED TOMORROW! The Felda (Federal Land Development Authority or Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan, formed in 1956) bombshell Taxpayer funded bailout is about to explode. Minister for Economic Affairs, Azmin Ali, [...]

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That White Bitch making a living out of our Nation’s wretched troubles….

newcomer, [1 Mar 2019 9:12 pm]: No political arena in the world has been as juicy and cinematic as Malaysia over the past half decade newcomer, [1 Mar 2019 9:22 pm]: rewcastle is no angel [...]

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Datuk Hafarizam Arrested by MACC for Money Laundering!

1MDB DRAGNET WIDENS: LEGAL ADVISER TO UMNO & BN ARRESTED, TO BE CHARGED FOR MONEY LAUNDERING TOMORROW Politics | February 20, 2019 by | 0 Comments MACC has arrested the legal adviser to Umno and BN this evening, according [...]

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Immigration, Custom and Corruption at KLIA.

The immigresen duty is inside the airport. Who are these people stopping these tourists, threatening them and take away their show money or what ever foreign currency they have? Is there another "immigresen/custom" check after [...]

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The Judiciary in Malaysia: Pounded, pulverized, battered, decimated and illegality legitimized. Legal Prostitution at it’s worst!

The defilement and destruction of the judiciary was inevitable and the writing was on the wall for the longest period since 1988. As such the current revelations should shock none. The judiciary was the citizen last [...]

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Ayu : Menipu tu satu hal.. ini siap babitkan arwah TGNA!!! Kurang ajar betul.. seolah2 TGNA yg mengajar dia menipu!!! Hello, lebai!! The dead can’t defend himself so stop using the dead to cover up your shit!! Apa punyer anak laaa ni!!

BERITA Nik Abduh pertahan diri - ‘ayah pun pernah bohong’ N Faizal Ghazali  |  Diterbitkan 13 Feb 2019, 10:41 malam  |  Dikemaskini 13 Feb 2019, 10:41 malam Anggota parlimen Bachok, Nik Mohamad Abuh Nik Abdul Aziz mempertahankan tindakan beliau [...]

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MB Perak kata forest de-gazetted in 2015. TIPU. TIPU. TIPU. Approval was in Nov 2018.

This Perak MB is a habitual liar......courtesy of his days with Umno. He says the forest was de-gazetted in 2015 but in actual fact the approval was in November 2018. Today Kledang Hill is already [...]

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Anti-logging protest will hurt timber industry, says Perak MB :

John Bunyan Malay Mail 8 February 2019 Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu is greeted by Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry members upon his arrival for the Chinese New Year celebration at [...]

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Malaysia: The World’s Biggest Heist

101 East investigates Malaysia's 1MDB scandal and speaks with the accidental hero who blew the whistle. 07 Feb 2019 22:36 GMT Corruption, Malaysia, Crime, Asia Pacific, Business & Economy [youtube] It's been branded the world's biggest heist - between 2009 [...]

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Lest We Forget : Dirty Funds Deposited in Australia by Director CID Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd.

Requesting for A Criminal Charge against the Malaysian CID Chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd For Alleged “Dirty Funds” deposited in Australia Date:  16 March 2016 The Australian Government AUSTRAC Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Division  [...]

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