cakap cakap : Emilia and guests in the house.

4.45am Saturday 16th Feb 2019.  I have been in and out of sleep these past few hours. Woke up to do two postings. One was the "AFFIDAVIT OF HAMID SULTAN BIN ABU BACKER" and the [...]

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Emilia : Tiba-tiba suami saya telah menarik rambut saya dari bilik TV ke ruang tamu tingkat 1 dan kemudian menaiki tangga ke bilik tidur utama saya….


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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : of PAS, Najib, Emilia and Faisal.

8.08 am. Thursday morning. Late last night I came across these two postings on FB that made me smile....sharing them with you. As I read this I cannot help but smile thinking of PAS and [...]

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Tunku Mafuza : With sincerity in our heart.

Salam & good day to my dearest friends, Its a beautiful sunny day in Putrajaya with the chirping of the many species of local and migratory birds, the blooming flowers and the well-groomed trees adding [...]

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Bossku is blaring, grappling and babbling Of the glaring impotence And the blinking incompetence While the intelligent moo and moan Chewing and chomping on the Grass of contentment in the green Pastures of false peace [...]

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cakap cakap : I cannot live on bread alone.

Every few months I write to appeal to you guys to donate your hard-earned money to this blogger whom you have not met, this blogger who lives many thousand of kilometers away, this blogger who [...]

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TUN….It’s time.

In any argument, in any debate, in any conflict, in any situation where opposing forces are engaged in trying to overcome the other in whatever way for whatever reason...... there will come a time when [...]

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Irrelevant. Clueless. Irresponsible. Overbearing. Arrogant. The object of fear and loathing.

Why is Wan Azizah still Deputy Prime Minister? Is Anwar Ibrahim out of Sungai Buloh? Yes. Has Anwar Ibrahim been granted a pardon to enable him to do what ever it is that he wants [...]

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Military Career of two Prince. Both age 34. One is the bangsat from down South.

Tunku Ismail Idris. Date of Birth 30th June 1984 (age 34). First ever Malaysian royal to join the Indian armed forces. First foreigner to lead a unit of Indian Army in the Indian Republic Day Parade. A polo enthusiast, [...]

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