INSIDE NAZA….whose family values, so they tell us, are an inspiration…huh! bulldust!

Soon, one by one, the Family you see up there...one by one I will tear them apart! One by one I will tell you why they are NOT an inspiration to NAZA, to the Malays, [...]

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When you have money oozing out of every orifice within your own self what will catch your fancy? John D. Rockefeller gave away US$540 million in his lifetime to medicine. His son, Junior, gave away [...]

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INSIDE NAZA : Songlap Sammie wets himself!

Guys in these last few days, I have already established, with names of companies and players within Naza under the direct command of Songlap Sammie aka Dato Samson Anand George, that Naza is involved in [...]

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INSIDE NAZA : steadyaku47 kena block?

As you guys know, many of you have been blocked from accessing steadyaku47 since yesterday and that "blocking" has progressively been widen to many more of our friends in Malaysia by today. Those being block [...]

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Dear All, We continuously strive to find ways to improve how to get what I write to you. In light of attempts to impose a blockade on my web site, depriving you guys accessibility to read my posts, I have now made my posts even more accessible to everyone by enabling everyone to read and download each of my posts via this link – http://bit.ly/steadyaku47gdrv1

View & Download - http://bit.ly/steadyaku47gdrv1 Hidup Malaysia!  

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INSIDE NAZA : Woi Sam…I see that the Newsmalaysia lies about me are still up! I told you to take it down! Who is Rafae Yusof?

Above is Rafae Yusof and then there is the support group...Yasser Awan and Nazman Yusof. Support group for what Sam? Do I spill the beans here for LHDN or will you tell them when LHDN [...]

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cakap cakap…Faisal, Naza, Sam, tax fraud etc etc

Kalau Melayu nak kaya...saya sokong. Kerja kuat. Jangan kachau orang Melayu yang tak kachau kamu. Jangan kasi susah kapada orang Melayu simply because you have the money to hassle them and the money to use [...]

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Sam the Sham aka Songlap Sammie otherwise known as Dato Samson Anand George covering his Nuts...the next target I will be going for if he does not leave me alone! Remember Sam you are collateral [...]

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Faisal kata dia pon kena pukul by Emilia !!!

You guys have already seen the images of Emilia that I have posted showing the injuries inflicted upon her by Faisal. In the interest of fairness...here are the photos that Faisal submitted to the court [...]

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