cakap cakap : Monday 7.09 am. of my Wife, Faisal and Emilia, Islam overrated, Zina is cool!

  From Saturday evening, my dear wife had not had much sustenance. She seems tired and have been in bed all the time. Sleeping. Resting. We have tried, without much success, to have her take [...]

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Kes saman sarawak report…. Fitnah RM90.

steadyaku47 comment : This was forwarded to me...posted as received.    Kes saman sarawak report.... Fitnah RM90 juta kini terburai Kes saman sarawak report....banyak juga org tak faham dan melatah dan masih percaya apa shaja [...]

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Wan Nor ANTARA CARA2 OLAMAK MENUNGGANG AGAMA DAN MEMPERLACURKAN UMMAH ~~~~~~~ Via Ujang Shah MAKAN HARTA CARA PALSU Inilah riba yang Quran maksudkan. Mengambil untung berlipat-kali ganda dengan menjaja agama.

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Is there anything in the world that would want me give away what I am doing now? Yes…..

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Bossku is blaring, grappling and babbling Of the glaring impotence And the blinking incompetence While the intelligent moo and moan Chewing and chomping on the Grass of contentment in the green Pastures of false peace [...]

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Confusion reigns : Ada agreement ka takda agreement?

Saifuddin: No agreement on Dr Mahathir as PM for only two years KUANTAN (Jan 2): Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s term as an interim prime minister has never been discussed at the Pakatan Harapan (PH) presidential council’s [...]

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