General Signs of Drug Addiction in a King.

If any King is abusing any drug, there are some general signs to look for : They include the following:   Difficulties in performing his duties as King - always in Singapore. Disinterest in the affairs [...]

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Childless Agong is reportedly very much concerned’ about starting a family : Can I Help?

Thursday, Nov 29th 2018  11AM 19°C 2PM 19°C 5-Day Forecast Former Miss Moscow who married Malaysian king has travelled to German clinic as the couple prepare to have children Oksana Voevodina has married Malaysia's Muhammad V of Kelantan in Moscow [...]

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Germany is a highly industrialized country. In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. When we arrived at Hamburg , my colleagues walked into the restaurant, we noticed that a [...]

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Agong marries Miss Moscow 2015 in glittering Russian ceremony : New Straits Times.

SITI NUR MAS ERAH AMRAN New Straits Times24 November 2018 KUALA LUMPUR: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V married Miss Moscow 2015 beauty queen Oksana Voevodina in the Russian capital, yesterday. The vibrant ceremony, [...]

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cakap cakap…Chinese Beer Promoter and the Malay Idiot.

  steadyaku47 comment :  The first emotion I felt, as I watched the above video is "ANGER". Anger that in the times that we now live in, post May 2018 after Pakatan Harapan [...]

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