cakap cakap….Run Samson Run!

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...8.55am pagi Sabtu. Already had by first short black of the day. Already had my daily two capsules of Black Seed Oil (100% Pure Virgin Unrefined. Cold Pressed) that M in K Hell [...]

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Faisal kata dia pon kena pukul by Emilia !!!

You guys have already seen the images of Emilia that I have posted showing the injuries inflicted upon her by Faisal. In the interest of are the photos that Faisal submitted to the court [...]

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INSIDE NAZA : Dato Samson against Domestic Violence!

SM your back. Dato Samson Anand George tweeted "Appeal for ZERO tolerance for monsters within our homes, offices and roads who have no respect for women and children"...or is this only a "cakap bukan [...]

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INSIDE NAZA : Lari cukai. Double invoicing. Real one hide. Submit fake one to Customs to avoid paying duties.

Is Naza the 1MDB case of the Malaysian auto industry? With the NAZA brothers being Najib/BN and that Dato Samson  being the Jho Low? Lari cukai. Double invoicing. Real one hide. Submit fake one to [...]

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INSIDE NAZA : Dato Samson Anand George and what the Naza brothers have already lost to date.

This will be a series of articles that goes inside the NAZA Group of Companies, inside the people and the family that are part of the NAZA Family, inside what is good, what is rotten [...]

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Naza Group of Companies, Ferrari, Maserati, Peugeot, Citroen, KIA, Vespa…do you condone Domestic Violence?

The power and potential of social media through blogs, Facebook, YouTube and twitter can be harnessed to make people like Dato Wira Faisal Tan Sri Nasimuddin, understand that domestic violence is not tolerated or condoned [...]

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On the 27th March 2018, Dato Wira Faisal Tan Sri Nasimuddin, Chief Executive Officer Naza Motor Trading Sdn and present Chairman Naza Motor Trading Sdn was ordered to stand trial "telah sengaja mendatangkan cedera kepada seorang [...]

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Protect domestic violence survivors, uphold their protection orders Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) 8 Mar 2017, 9:52 pm (Updated 8 Mar 2017, 9:54 pm) A A The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) supports the [...]

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Datuk Wira SM Faisal, Joint Group Executive Chairman of The Naza Group of Companies : Fornicator, Sodomist, Pukul Isteri and tells untruths in court to cover his ass!

For those of you who have seen what I write, let me share my thoughts on what I have seen, heard, written and now know, since I first started writing about Emilia in early February. [...]

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Arahan Puan Sri Zaleha kapada Faisal on 28th : 09 : 2015 : “Sambungkan talian Emelia semula hari ni. Bagi balek credit card Emelia hari ini. Bagi Emelia elaun Emelia dan anak anak RM10K sabulan mulai bulan ini. Bagi driver hari ini”.

  GETHA Round Bed RM17,699.00...tell me...if you have this bed in the bedroom why use the Red Sofa? Maybe because you want to listen to your RM25,000.00 BOSE V25 while you are doing [...]

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