Selamat Pagi Malaysia : Some reasons why being a Malaysian is no longer fun….

BAKAL SULTAN YANG RENDAH AKHLAK               And as you can see for yourself, most of these "reasons" are of the same Race (Melayu) and the same Religion [...]

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Datuk Wira SM Faisal, Joint Group Executive Chairman of The Naza Group of Companies : Fornicator, Sodomist, Pukul Isteri and tells untruths in court to cover his ass!   For those of you who have seen what I write, let me share my thoughts on what I have seen, heard, written and now know, since I first started writing about [...]

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cakap cakap…Let me get personal here.

6.27 am. Sunday. Melbourne. We lost in Semenyih. Yes not only Pakatan Harapan lost in and I...we too lost in Semenyih. What did we lose? We lost what we thought we had after GE14. [...]

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Selamat Pagi Malaysia….Warkah dari the Segambut Mob?

Selamat Pagi for thought! The following "warkah" came my way this morning. It makes for interesting reading if you are one of those who eagerly follow developments of all things political in Bolehland...and are [...]

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Lawak pagi Khamis : Consumer group claims fish may be non-halal.

MALAYMAIL.COM Consumer group claims fish may be non-halal | Malay Mail GEORGE TOWN, Feb 20 — Muslims must be wary about eating fish as some farms are feeding them non-halal animal by-products, the Penang Consumers Association [...]

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Datuk Hafarizam Arrested by MACC for Money Laundering!

1MDB DRAGNET WIDENS: LEGAL ADVISER TO UMNO & BN ARRESTED, TO BE CHARGED FOR MONEY LAUNDERING TOMORROW Politics | February 20, 2019 by | 0 Comments MACC has arrested the legal adviser to Umno and BN this evening, according [...]

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Telekom Malaysia You Are Tone Deaf!

You were tone deaf, Telekom Malaysia By  Aliran admin  - 18 Feb 2019 Senior citizen at TMPoint Certain Malaysian companies appear tone deaf to the needs of their senior citizen customers. Caroleena D’Cruz shares her frustrating experience [...]

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Immigration, Custom and Corruption at KLIA.

The immigresen duty is inside the airport. Who are these people stopping these tourists, threatening them and take away their show money or what ever foreign currency they have? Is there another "immigresen/custom" check after [...]

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