Telekom Malaysia You Are Tone Deaf!

You were tone deaf, Telekom Malaysia By  Aliran admin  - 18 Feb 2019 Senior citizen at TMPoint Certain Malaysian companies appear tone deaf to the needs of their senior citizen customers. Caroleena D’Cruz shares her frustrating experience [...]

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Immigration, Custom and Corruption at KLIA.

The immigresen duty is inside the airport. Who are these people stopping these tourists, threatening them and take away their show money or what ever foreign currency they have? Is there another "immigresen/custom" check after [...]

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The Judiciary in Malaysia: Pounded, pulverized, battered, decimated and illegality legitimized. Legal Prostitution at it’s worst!

The defilement and destruction of the judiciary was inevitable and the writing was on the wall for the longest period since 1988. As such the current revelations should shock none. The judiciary was the citizen last [...]

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OFFICE OF THE CHIEF REGISTRAR FEDERAL COURT OF MALAYSIA ISTANA KEHAKIMAN PUTRAJAYA MEDIA STATEMENT The Malaysian Judiciary notes with concern the grave allegations made against unnamed judges and the Judiciary as an institution, by a [...]

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Pakatan Harapan : Running on Empty?

Pakatan fuck with the wrong guys. The rakyat put you into Putrajaya. The rakyat can take you out of Putrajaya! It has been over six months now and we have got past waiting for [...]

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Cakap cakap…Melayu bukan UMNO. UMNO bukan Melayu.

I wrote this in April a time when all that we have today is not even a glint in our eyes. And now the impossible has happened and we the people decided and made [...]

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Wan Nor : It’s not about the cert (fake cert) or the claim to being accepted (but not gone) to oxford. It’s about INTEGRITY & HONESTY!!!

Mujahidin Zulkiffli Mar darling... stop making yourself look like a fool. You’re only digging your own grave deeper and deeper. When even the university website and Facebook page are now GONE, how to back this [...]

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MB Perak kata forest de-gazetted in 2015. TIPU. TIPU. TIPU. Approval was in Nov 2018.

This Perak MB is a habitual liar......courtesy of his days with Umno. He says the forest was de-gazetted in 2015 but in actual fact the approval was in November 2018. Today Kledang Hill is already [...]

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Anti-logging protest will hurt timber industry, says Perak MB :

John Bunyan Malay Mail 8 February 2019 Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu is greeted by Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry members upon his arrival for the Chinese New Year celebration at [...]

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